It’s Friday!

So this morning I was talking to my roommate way too early in the morning and we were discussing how nice it would be not to have work on Friday. For the past two years in college, I always seemed to get lucky and avoid Friday classes. It was awesome. Now in the working world, you don’t always get to choose your hours. Fridays are just another day at work.

But wouldn’t it be nice to have no work Friday?

In light of iOS 6 new emojis – Source: TechCrunch

Later on, I started thinking about it. If we really didn’t have work on Friday then Thursday would be the new Friday. We’d eventually say “I wish we didn’t have to work on Thursday!” and the cycle would continue. So, just maybe, working on Fridays is not too shabby. And with that, I give you some updates:

  • Facebook opened an online gift store. Now, you can receive prompts to buy friends gifts on their birthdays.

Facebook Gifts – Source: Google

  • People are freaking out claiming Facebook is publicizing private messages. Nicholas Carlson, from Business Insider, says these rumors are false and that these people “are having a digital hangover from their wanton youth.” Great quote.
  • If you want responses, post statuses on the weekend.

Posting interaction by day of the week – Source: Mashable

  • Perhaps Apple Maps is a fail because the identity icon doesn’t navigate correctly. Yikes. (I normally wouldn’t complain about something like this but I used Apple maps last week and it had me turn the opposite direction of the way I wanted to go. I only knew this because I use Google Maps in preparation.)

Source – Gizmodo

Pono – Source: TheVerge

Alright, have a great Friday. “Fridays are not ‘pants optional’. – Nancy Cartwright

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