Friday, October 12

This weekend is Homecomings at UVA. Let’s kick start it with a few bits:

  • Apps and iPads are used in the medical field – definitely check out this article in the New York TimesTechnology is a need now – New York
  • Apple is sneakily tracking your iPhone, but don’t worry, it uses an IFA (“identifier for advertisers”), which is “a random, anonymous number that is assigned to a user and their device. It is temporary and can be blocked, like a cookie.” Interestingly enough, tracking is turned on by default, it’s hard to locate to turn off, and in order to turn it off, it must be switched to ON, not OFF.(Check out the link under the image below to get details on how to turn your advertising off, if you’d like. I will keep mine on because I enjoy seeing what strategies marketers use to target me, plus the annoying ads may not be so bad if they are based off of my specific interests :))

Settings > general > about > advertising > Limit Ad Tracking ON/OFF – Source: Business Insider

  • Several reports have claimed Apple stock has dropped like crazy but look how easy it is to manipulate the NASDAQ graph:

Apple stock is “plummeting” – Source: NASDAQ

Zoomed out, the stock looks fine – Source: NASDAQ

  • Tumblr launches a new photo sharing app for iOS called Photoset

The Photoset App by Tumblr – Source: Tumblr Staff

  • iPad Mini will most likely be released on October 23

Leaked iPad Mini photos (click for more images) – Source: Hardwarezone

Mobile doubles in growth – Source: IAB

  • And last, I leave you with a great article from Business Insider, “The Ultimate Guide to Buying in Bulk” (The most helpful section was the things listed that shouldn’t be bought in bulk, like cooking oil and nuts because they aren’t supposed to last longer than 6 months.)

Buy smart – Source:

“You can observe a lot by just watching” – Yogi Berra

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