A Tuesday in October

I thought the title of this post would be a great title for a book. Anyway, let’s get started with a statement from Google’s chairman, Eric Schmidt…

  • Schmidt sees technology ingrained in our future. From a driverless car to swallowing a micro-robot monitor to identify any problems, Schmidt says technology can help educate the entire world, even third-world countries. Google recently came out with ‘Google Glass‘ (glasses that have a small embedded camera to see videos and a built in battery to serve voice-activated commands) and the company is currently working on artificial intelligence and universal language translation projects.

Graph used to prove this – Source: Forbes

  • Android phone users should be wary of possible malware that targets the operating system, according to Mashablef. To help protect your phone, enable encryption to protect data, install malware protection apps, or password protect your device.
  • Twitter bought Cabana, an app development platform for visual mobile apps. Cabana founders come from advanced graphic design companies like Pixar and EA. Perhaps Twitter will soon become more visual based.

Twitter acquires and hires Cabana – Source: TechCrunch

Have a great Tuesday. I’ll be adding posts to my fitness and health section soon. I’m excited to expand in different areas like healthy recipes, social media tips, online resources, and more. Stay tuned and stay cool.

Creativity is a highfalutin word for the work I have to do between now and Tuesday. – Ray Kroc

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