Google Plus

Everyone uses Facebook, so why use the Google+ social network?

I recently created my own Google+ account just so that I could manage my company’s profile page. I didn’t use my page very much and considered it somewhat of a burden to use. (Google+ opens a new browser tab every time you switch page users.) About a month ago, I noticed that when I ‘Googled’ certain companies, like Saks Fifth Avenue, their tagline, picture, and some company updates showed up directly on Google. On closer inspection, you can see that this information came directly from Saks’ Google+ Profile page.

Saks Fifth Avenue knows how to use Google+

There are tons of companies that are not taking advantage of this advertising plus. (No pun intended ;))

Bloomingdales is missing out on advertising resources

The information pulled from Google+ onto the Google search engine just makes the company look much more appealing. You can click on the company’s Google+ profile to see pictures and recent updates directly from the search results. From a marketing standpoint, this will undoubtedly raise click through rates without having to pay for anything. (CTR, or click through rates are important to show how successful certain online ad campaigns are and often times, you have to pay a lot for your company’s advertisements shown on Google.)

So, Google+ is definitely a valuable resource to create an online presence for a company or even an individual. Some people don’t like to easily be ‘Googled,’ but there are actually a lot of reasons to promote yourself online, especially for a future employment opportunity. The Internet is an amazing resource. If you have a blog, YouTube Channel, or even a Pinterest, you should make it public. That way, your hard work is being showcased.

If you’re interested, here’s a link introducing Google+ and a YouTube video tour (The speaker has a cool Aussie accent). Once you create your page, you can link it to your other projects or social media. Google will then start to tie your work together so maybe one day you can have your Google+ page show up on search!

I’m famous…

Just kidding. When you’re logged in and you search your name, your information shows up so that you can edit and view it.

Alright, happy social networking!



“A creative idea plus a fresh network is the best way to go from zero to millions.” -Peretti

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