A rambling not so sleepy Friday

Do you ever wake up feeling extremely tired? Are you human? Yes and yes, of course!

Well, I woke up feeling tired. I like to get my workouts done in the morning before work so that in the evening, I can relax. Lately, I’ve been having trouble with this because I don’t have nearly the amount of energy in the morning as I do in the evening and afternoon. For the past few months or so, I’ve been working out in the early morning hours but my workouts have definitely been subpar.

Sleepy, not-so-energetic me

Over the summer, I would stumble over to my gym (luckily it is within walking distance or I may never make it) and do a half an hour of moderate cardio on the elliptical or bike. The problem was I wasn’t really pushing myself to workout hard. I tried eating something small or a cup of juice before working out and nothing seemed to really work. I just felt sluggish.

So the months went by and I was working out every morning but not seeing very good results, meaning I still hadn’t lost my college weight and toned up. What gives, I thought.

prayin’ for energy

This week, I finally realized that when I wake up I just need to grab something quick to drink like water, brush my teeth, wash my face, and just jump over to the gym. (I got pretty bad about wasting 10-20 minutes of being sluggish in the morning before going to the gym.) I try and tell myself to hurry up and get going so that I can have it over and done with. When I get to the gym, I undoubtedly still feel tired but I’ve found a new trick to get my butt burning calories!

<dramatic, suspensful pause ;)>

The answer to my problem is simply a hard, and I mean muscle burning hard, workout and quick. If I tell myself that I just need to bust it for 15-20 minutes for an activity, I find that my energy somewhat returns (mentally perhaps?) and I can get a good workout in the morning. I got inspired yesterday morning reading Women’s Health Magazine when I came across a “crossfit-inspired workout.” See my Workout page for the specific exercise I did on Thursday, November 8. It made it so much easier to grab some energy for this workout when I told myself, only 15 minutes you can do this. Oh, and my music on my iPhone is always an instant pump up for me!

alright, I got this…

Working out is not always fun (is it ever?) but learning about what works and what doesn’t for your individual body makes it a whole lot easier. I’m not naturally thin nor do I jump out of bed in the morning (you can ask my friends and they will tell you how they sometimes hear my alarm clock before me- oops!) but I’m eager to find a good balance to living a healthy life through working out and exercising while being just a normal, relateable girl. I like to try new things in everything that I do in life. Exercising is definitely a major part of my life and I’m excited to start this blog to talk about how to make working out and staying healthy an easier task for everyone. I plan to document my workouts, tricks I find along the way, food recipes, and general life tips along my road of being just your average 20-something year old lady!

Big world so much to learn!

Oh, and this morning, I got a jump start on the healthy wagon with a good breakfast. I made pumpkin oatmeal. I used the recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie’s Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal with a few adjustments. I didn’t have any pumpkin pie spice and I also halved the recipe because I wasn’t super hungry. It was really good!

Quote for the day: “A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.” -Steve Martin

Keep it real y’all

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2 thoughts on “A rambling not so sleepy Friday

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