Cooking and Experimenting then learning

Good morning and happy Thursday! I like Thursdays because tomorrow is Friday, the start to the weekend.

ready for a relaxing weekend!

I mean, ready for a productive weekend 😉

This morning, I was easily awoken after hearing that my cousin got engaged! Congratulations to them! 🙂 The excitement stalled me a bit but I eventually made it to the gym for a workout, if you can call it that really. I ran on the treadmil for just under 20 minutes. I did manage to work up a sweat so that much is good!

So good news about the pumpkin smoothie- I’m drinking it this morning and it is delish! After freezing it over night, I took it out to sit on the counter for a little over an hour and then added a little more almond milk to it and ta da. I had to crunch it up a bit with a spoon but it is definitely good. I would recommend throwing it in the blender but I didn’t do that this morning because I didn’t want to wake up my sleeping roommates.

Pumpkin smoothie with almond milk, pumpkin, vanilla, cinnamon, and honey

Before going to the gym this morning, I had two oatmeal bites that I made the night before. I have been reading studies that suggest eating something small before working out to help your body burn more fat so I wanted to make these little guys and try it out:

I present you with…Oat Bites!

I just mixed an egg, oatmeal, honey, cinnamon, vanilla, almond butter, and almond milk. The secret ingredient to this madness is the apple butter inside. Baking from scratch and trying to keep it healthy can often yield to some pretty bland tasting stuff. That’s why I added a bit of sweetness in the center and let me tell you, they were pretty good! (I did make some without the jelly and I definitely prefer the jelly ones.)

Delicious apple butter that I used for my oat bites from Harris Teeter

Speaking of baking and cooking, I’ve been getting pretty crafty in the kitchen. Check out my Nutrition page for some added meals and snacks that I have been making. I’m definitely not the best cook in the world so don’t worry, I’ll only put things on that page that I actually liked! I will share with you my cooking flops too- for a good laugh, if nothing else! Speaking of which, I had a cooking flop last night. I used a cookie/muffin mix I was given by some family members so I figured why not try it out.

It looks so innocent and somewhat delicious…

I’m not sure if the box was old or if it just has a funky taste but I made cookies and they were actually terrible. My roommate who tried one threw hers out after one bite! I knew the batter tasted a bit funky but I thought maybe it would cook out. Another note to self, if the batter doesn’t taste great, the cookies will not be great. I was excited about making these cookies because I got those cute lil’ Mini M&Ms and threw in some chocolate chips and oatmeal. These cookies not only tasted terrible but they looked pretty funky too.

You mean you don’t want a bite of me?

I was making these mostly to bring to my boyfriend this weekend but I refuse to subject him to this funky taste. Oh well! Has anyone had any luck with this cookie box? It may have just been an old box but I couldn’t seem to find the expiration date… hmmmm…

Lesson learned. 😉 Hope everyone has a great Thursday! I’m leaving you with a cute picture of my stuffed animal, Pippo. A lot of my favorite bloggers have cute pets and take great pictures of them so until that day, Pippo will be my fabulous stand in!

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