Fridays are always great, right?

Happy Friday!

my thoughts exactly on Friday! Source

This morning, I slept in and didn’t work out. Today and tomorrow will be my (necessary)  rest days. It was nice to sleep int his morning until 7:30. (I can’t believe 7:30 is my version of sleeping in…my parents wouldn’t recognize me!) After waking up, I went downstairs to finish off the rest of my oatmeal bites for breakfast and packed my lunch for the day. I was pretty sleepy this morning after going to the UVA v UNC football game. We lost but still, go Hoos go!

Wahoowa baby

I wanted to share a little trick I discovered this week while at work. For those of you that have office-type jobs that involves a lot of sitting, this is for you. While at your desk, stand every hour or so for a few minutes. It’s easy to keep eating for taste over need but I’ve found that standing up helps make me more aware of when I’m full. It also is a good trick to get some energy back, especially towards the end of the day. Check out some more tips for combating over snacking and dealing with a sweet tooth on Karey’s blog, Nutty About Health.

these boots were made for walking standing

Even though I’m always looking for ways to kill a sweet tooth craving, I am definitely in support of indulging. Indulging in moderation, of course. I strongly believe that having a dessert every once in a while (or every day;)) is good. I’ve tried taking sweets out of my diet before and it never seems to work out. If you have a major sweet tooth like me, I’d recommend looking at some healthier dessert recipes online to see all of the tasty and not so sinful treats out there. Chocolate Covered Katie is my favorite healthy sweets baker- her chocolate-chip cookie dough truffles are delicious and healthy! I will definitely be reporting more of these desserts in the nutrition section. I actually put my Oikos Greek Yogurt in the freezer to try as a dessert so we shall see. I’ll add sprinkles to the mix and pretend it’s the delicious “real” frozen yogurt!

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Have a fab Friday! I leave you with some cool images I like that I found from Pinterest:

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3 thoughts on “Fridays are always great, right?

  1. Karey at Nutty About Health says:

    Aww, thanks for the blog love, girl! I like your standing tip too… helps take the focus off of eating & does help make me realize I don’t really need to eat more since i’m no longer hungry. I completely agree with you about moderation being key. I also learned the hard way that when I eat too strict or too cleanly without any treats – I fail & fall off the wagon. I’ve learned that incorporating a sweet treat like a mini Unreal brand candy bar, or maybe a low-fat frozen yogurt bar help. I’ve been so much more successful incorporating some things to pacify that evil sweet tooth, aka my Sugar Monster. Have a great Friday!!! 🙂

    • Alex Katzen says:

      Of course! I’ll have to try an Unreal candy bar soon- I like their idea of making a candy bar sans dirty ingredients. Any flavors you would recommend? Happy Friday!!

      • Karey at Nutty About Health says:

        I really like Unreal’s mini peanut & caramel one (like a Snickers) Un8 & their mini PB cups, Un77. Mmm… 🙂

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