Running through Mondays

Good morning! I’m trying to be a little upbeat to get me through this Monday morning. I woke up a little sleepy this morning after not such a great sleep last night. After my run yesterday afternoon, I was having a sneezing fit. I may be allergic to something or just undergoing a minor cold.

Yo quiero…you to feel better!

Anyways, I had a great run yesterday. As I was running, I was trying to think of helpful tips to get through a run. I was never a runner in school (besides one year of track in high school) and have never really loved running but I do love the feeling after a run. Here’s a short list of running tips:

  • pick a course to run so that you don’t give up too early
  • it’s okay to check your water every couple minutes
  • lie to yourself by saying “only 2 more minutes” if it helps
  • jam out to music
  • take some time to think and relax (sounds cliche but it’s actually nice to have some time to your thoughts-how ‘zen’ of me)
  • focus on how great you will feel after it’s over
  • and if nothing else, make yourself feel cool…

Woo I’m mid-air!

I found that running on a course or specific route makes it a lot easier to get the job done. My run yesterday began with a long downhill to return a RedBox movie. It was kind of like going on an adventure. If you live near stores, definitely try including an errand in your run. After returning the movie, I had already run for 20 minutes. So naturally, I told myself “I’m half way done!” (40 more minutes…30 more minutes..same thing, right?)

When in doubt- smile to get through it =)

After my run, I did some yoga stretches and a quick ab workout. Then it was off to shower and enjoy the rest of my downtime on Sunday. I actually made spaghetti squash to have for dinner this week so I will report back on how it tastes and everything. 🙂

Here’s hoping my meal will look this delish – Source

This morning, I made it to the gym for a quick elliptical workout followed  by an ab workout. I got back to my apartment and had a mini whole wheat bagel with almond butter and apple butter. It was tasty.

Yum peanut butter – Source

I read an interesting article in the gym this morning about waking up early in the morning. I wanted to share a great tip that I’ve been using to help myself wake up earlier- turn the lights on so that your circadian rhythm knows it’s time to wake up.

My circadian rythm says it’s still sleep time

Have a great Monday and the countdown for Thanksgiving begins! (If that isin’t exclamation point worthy, I don’t know what is)

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3 thoughts on “Running through Mondays

  1. francene Katzen says:

    Enjoyed so much!!!!!!

  2. Michael says:

    Nice blog and nice to know that running is a challenge that we can all get through. Agreed, the benefits far outweight the tax.

  3. Alex Katzen says:

    Thanks! Glad you guys are enjoying it so far! I definitely feel like the toughest part about running is just getting out there to get it done. After that, it’s not too bad!

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