Too Soon to Tell?

Yesterday evening, I went to the gym and had an awesome workout. It blew my morning work outs out of the water and then some. Perhaps I’m more fit for an evening workout (pun intended!). I did an awesome cardio workout that helped keep me from getting bored- I did 10 minutes on the bike, 10 minutes on the elliptical, and then 10 minutes on the tredmill all at a fast pace. I was sweating up a storm after that combo. From there, I hit the weights and did an upper body workout. You can check out my workouts page for my weight routine. It was great to fit in such a killer workout but it may be just too soon to tell if I’m meant to do evening workouts instead of morning.

My thoughts exactly! Source

After finishing up at the gym, I headed home to shower and make dinner. I didn’t actually start my dinner until 8:00pm, which is definitely a little late for my preference. Even though I ate dinner late, it didn’t stop me from having my left over frozen yogurt for dessert. 😉

mm froyo

I heated up my spaghetti squash again for dinner and it was really good. I added avocado, a bit of tomato sauce, cheddar and goat cheese, and some olive oil.

The finishing touches

I wanted some more vegetables so I added artichoke hearts on the side. I used a can of pickled artichokes that I picked up from my parents’ pantry a little while ago. 🙂

a perfect punch of veggies

My meal was fairly small which I may or may not have planned in order to save room for dessert. 😉

Saving room for dessert

I would definitely say this meal was a success. Oh, and I added a few more food items to my nutrition page today too like these little delicious treats:

Chocolate pretzel sandwiches

This morning, I decided to get up and have a nice breakfast before “hitting the gym.” I use quotes because I didn’t have much time and was a bit tired from my evening workout that I only did about 10 minutes on the elliptical. Maybe I’ll have time to fit something in this evening. Or maybe not since it’s Thanksgiving Eve! 🙂 (I’m using a lot of smileys today- I started listening to Christmas music yesterday so blame the holiday season.)

Why I love the holidays

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Enjoy your meal, don’t feel too guilty, and just hit the gym the next day (or week!) 🙂

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One thought on “Too Soon to Tell?

  1. […] This morning, I decided to sleep in (well I guess you could say my body did the deciding) and instead plan to work out this evening. I must say that it was pretty nice to pack my lunch, shower, and get ready without having to hurry.I’ll be interested to see if I get a strong workout in since it will be the evening time and I seem to not be the best morning exerciser. […]

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