Let the Holiday Celebrations begin!

My little apartment is all decked out in Christmas holiday spirit. We (more like my roommate really) decorated our little Christmas tree, put up a reef, plugged in candles, and scattered little holiday goodies all around the room! We were definitely jamming out to Pandora’s Christmas station too. We may have also indulged in a few holiday cookies to get us into the spirit. 😉

Got the tree up…

Ta da!

Feelin’ the holiday spirit

Our place is all decked out and now we can start sipping eggnog and start planning our tacky Christmas sweater party. There will be plenty of baking in the next few weeks so all the more reason to continue exploring good work outs! My motto is to eat the things you enjoy in moderation. For me, that of course means sweets.

Cookie dough katzen in true form

The holidays are always great but having so much good meals and desserts around can be hard on your fitness. I definitely am a believer in indulging but in moderation. When I think I want another cookie or seconds on my diner, I sit for a minute, drink some water, and by then, I usually decide that I only want the taste and that I’m not actually hungry. Working out and staying busy are great ways to stay away from that evil mindless eating. I’ve also re-discovered tea to help satisfy that craving.

hot drinks are a winner

Oh, and nothing wrong with setting a goal to get fit by new years either. I’ve read a lot that says this doesn’t always work because we tend to follow an overly strict plan and quit it after the deadline. I think that with small steps, setting a get fit date can be great if there are no extremities in diets. (Extreme diet changes never seem to last so for now, moderation seems to be the best tip out there.)

Weight talk…why so serious??

Anyway, I’m very excited for this time of the year. There is always something so magical in the air! Hopefully I can use the holiday spirit and looking fit for new years as inspiration to get some hard workouts!

I prefer holiday sleeps and cuddles

This morning, I decided to sleep in (well I guess you could say my body did the deciding) and instead plan to work out this evening. I must say that it was pretty nice to pack my lunch, shower, and get ready without having to hurry.I’ll be interested to see if I get a strong workout in since it will be the evening time and I seem to not be the best morning exerciser.

Have a great week everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Let the Holiday Celebrations begin!

  1. Karey at Nutty About Health says:

    Great post & tips about moderation! Your apartment looks so cute w/your little tree, love it! Oh, & those cookies look yummy!!!

  2. Alex Katzen says:

    Thank you! Hope you had a great and indulgent Thanksgiving!!

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