Sleeping Through Alarms

I honestly may be the world’s hardest sleeper. My poor roommate (who just got an awesome blog by the way!) texted me early this morning asking me to turn my alarm off but I just kept sleeping Zzzzz. I’m notoriously bad about falling asleep during movies too.

Warning…may fall asleep in 5 minutes!

I have two alarms for this very reason. Also, I moved my phone from my bedside table to the wall side so that I’ll have to get  up out of bed to turn it off. I guess this strategy to wake up does not work for me because I  just ended up sleeping through it for about an hour! So I finally woke up at 7:00 am – just enough time to fit a quick workout into my schedule. I like to eat something small before my workouts to wake me up and give me a little bit of energy. I didn’t have very much to choose from this morning so my early morning pre-workout snack consisted of a few slices of cheese and then some peanut butter. Strange, I know! I’ve heard peanut butter makes a great pre-workout snack and I’m not sure if it was a mental thing but I felt more energized this morning in the gym. (Could have something to do with my extra sleep too ;))

Slim pickings from my grocery shelf (always a good thing because it means I’m eating my groceries!)

I headed over to the gym to complete a 20 minute elliptical workout with some jumping jacks and ab crunches. Of course, I was in a bit of a time crunch so I didn’t have time to do any weights.

Rain check on the weights (Source)

For such a late start, I managed to quickly shower, get ready, and have some time to spare. 🙂

Yesterday evening, I got home a lot later than usual (since I was working on a free-lance side project) and I was famished! Note to self: always have a healthy snack on hand. I was going to make some Cous Cous, one of my favorite foods, but realized I still had the other half of my spaghetti squash so I opted for spaghetti squash spaghetti!

the start..

I sautaed garlic and olive oil then tossed in the spaghetti sqash over the stove. (Previously, my squash was a ltitle too crunchy so I thought adding extra heat would make it more pasta-like.) didn’t have any spaghetti sauce so I used tomato paste that I got from my parents.

the strange paste

I’ve never used tomato paste but it was actually pretty good, especially when I added some salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning.

Dinner is served!

This meal was really tasty, despite the less then attractive photo. On the side, I had some carrots and dip.

An orange-themed meal?

For dessert, I finally tried my frozen Greek yogurt. The yogurt was rock solid so I put it in the micorwave for 15 seconds and stirred it together. I added handfuls of some rainbow sprinkles to my yogurt. It was a nice treat!

A sprinkle-y dessert

Overall, my meal plus dessert was a success and healthy at that. I’d definitely recommend cooking the spaghetti squash over the stove to soften the texture. The yogurt dessert was good but it was no true cup of frozen yogurt but it was definitely a lot less sugar. 🙂

Happy Thursday Everyone. Here’s hoping I wake up when my alarm goes off tomorrow morning!

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2 thoughts on “Sleeping Through Alarms

  1. is that your apartment up there? beautiful!

    • Alex Katzen says:

      Oh I wish! It was actually a hotel I stayed in in Las Vegas! Maybe one day though. All the other pictures are in my apartment though. I call my apartment’s style “shabby chic”!

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