That Relaxing Feeling After Working Out

Tap into Tuesday! (My attempt at getting crafty and using alliteration to jump start this post.) Tuesdays are never too terrible for me because it means I survived the Mondays. Also, Tuesdays are nice because the weekend is some what insight and the rest of the week usually goes pretty quickly. It’s interesting to note that and the best part of the weekend (or whatever we are looking forward to) is the time spent getting excited for it, instead of the actual event itself. Therefore, today, tomorrow, and the next day are the subliminal icing on the cake. I think my book may be rubbing off on me a bit. ūüôā

Ommmm (Source)

Ommmm (Source)

Yesterday evening, I got home and went on a run with my roommate. To say that I wasn’t in a running mood would be an understatement. Luckily, I had committed to running with her that morning and I’m not one to skip out on a¬†commitment. (Nothing worse than sitting on the couch an hour later when you could have been finished with your workout, showered, and really relaxing!) It was really dark outside when we ran so we mapped out an improvised course that was in lit areas. I was feeling a little sluggish but we got it done. Then it was time to shower and get my relaxing pants on. (Or as my dad would say, his Japanese gardening pants.)


there we go

there we go

First step was figuring out my dinner plans. I haven’t been grocery shopping in a while so I pulled together a few random things I had. (I’ve held off on my grocery shop because I’ve been busy and as long as I still have veggies, I figure I’m doing alright.)

Frozen veggies are always great to have on hand

Frozen veggies are always great to have on hand

I stirfries some veggies in a little garlic and olive oil and added some Harris Teeter brand Teriyaki sauce. My other part of my meal does not really pair well with veggies – in fact it’s a completely different nationality food brand.

Cous Cous!

Cous Cous!

Don’t worry, I ate the veggies and the cous cous separate instead of mixed. I think parmesan and teriyaki would be a terrible combination in one bite. I kid you not, I have loved couscous since I was a baby. In fact, my parents said it was the one food they could always count on to satisfy my child-like picky taste buds. My adolescent taste buds were strange- I loved couscous and feta cheese. Maybe I just was meant to grow up in the¬†Mediterranean, or something.


And my mixed breed dinner is served

Dinner was delicious. I was craving carbs and so the couscous was the perfect addition. I hadn’t eaten a sandwich or anything cab-based that day so maybe after my run, my body needed some carbs.

After dinner, I had plenty of leftovers to have my lunch ready for the next day. Check! I also decided to do something different and I made breakfast for the next morning.

Cheese omlet and turkey  bacon

Cheese omlet and turkey bacon

Kind of a strange idea but I never have time to make breakfast in the morning (or I just don’t allow myself time!) so I decided to make a small meal to¬†refrigerate¬†over night. It was great because this morning, I just heated it in the microwave for 30 seconds and had my meal. After breakfast, I went to the gym. I didn’t notice much of a difference at the gym since I had a meal before my workout but I was still kind of in a lazy mood so it’s¬†probably¬†too soon to tell. I did a quick 25 minute elliptical workout and a speedy ab workout. I’m glad I’m done with my workout because I do not plan on doing anything very active this evening. I’m going over to a friend’s house for dinner and we will most likely be watching the Victoria Secret fashion show. Anyone else plan on tuning in?

Hope everyone is having a terrific Tuesday! (There we go, alliteration.)

Helpful morning workout tips:

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