Listening to My Body

Good morning and happy Friday! I can’t believe it’s already the weekend before Christmas. Where does the time go? Unfortunately, I’m a bit under the weather today. (I have some strange aversion to saying that I’m actually  sick- so I’m just not feeling great today.) I’ve got a sore throat and I feel pretty tired. This started yesterday afternoon and so I decided to skip my workout last night in order to rest my body. I’m really glad I did because I wasn’t feeling too hot this morning- I think I would feel a lot worse today had I not listened to my body and taken it easy. I drank hot hot tea and loving my body.

Chai tea was on the menu for today

Chai tea was on the menu for today

Notice my red nails? I intentionally wanted to show them off in the picture to add some pizzazz to my sore throat remedy!

I went straight to bed to relax yesterday evening and my stomach was a little nausea so I skipped dinner. You know I’m not feeling well when I’m not hungry! This morning, I decided to make myself a comfort food for lunch. Mac and Cheese!!

Comfort food at its finest

Comfort food at its finest

To make macaroni and cheese, I heat up elbow noodles. (Ideally, I’d like to use whole grain but I was given the basic enriched white pasta for free from the fam so that’s what went into the mix.) I then added some almond milk and lots of cheese. No powdered cheese for me!

I’m definitely feeling better as the day goes on. I’m going home to my lovely family for the holidays and that just makes everything better.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and a happy holiday, whether you’re opening presents under the tree or going to the movies! If anyone else is feeling a little icky, I hope you feel better and stay healthy.

The cutest! (Source)

The cutest! (Source)

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8 thoughts on “Listening to My Body

  1. Katie H. says:

    That’s a good idea to make it w/almond milk. I will have to try that 🙂

  2. Feel better, girly! Make sure you get in a lot of R&R!

  3. Feel better!!! This is a great excuse to stay in bed all day 🙂

  4. I thought I was the only one sick the bug is going around I hope you get better, the nail polish does give the pic a sparkle.. 🙂

  5. It seems like everyone is feeling a little under the weather. Me included! I also drink tea and eat comforting foods 🙂

  6. […] anyone else feeling icky during this winter season? Maybe I have a food allergy or […]

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