Friday Energy

TGIF! I kick started my morning with a short Pilates sequence on Comcast Xfinity followed by a bowl of overnight oats.

Oats + vanilla almond milk + cinnamon

Oats + vanilla almond milk + cinnamon

It was good to get a little workout in this morning, especially since I was up pretty late the night before and I’m not at all a morning person. In fact, my body has pretty much decided for me that I don’t like morning workouts. After 5 months, you’d think that I’d be used to getting up early to hit the gym. Not the case with this girl. Oh well, I’ll just have to settle for my low key morning workouts and stick to kick butt evening workouts.

Speaking of which, I made it to the gym yesterday evening around 8:00 pm- a tad too late for my liking (I had some shopping to do and I went to Old Navy and Rack Room Shoes- what’s up savvy shopper :D).

This delicious dinner may have had something to do with it...

And this delicious dinner may have had something to do with my late start…

I made a healthier version of macaroni and cheese last night and it was pretty good! I put some broccoli in the food processor and then transferred it over to my pan with garlic and olive oil. I then almond milk and some grated cheese to the mixture. Last, I added in my already cooked pasta noddles. Yum! I enjoyed my meal and a couple of my baked goods for dessert. I watched an entire episode of Gossip Girl waited for my food to digest before hitting the gym. Since I’ve been taking days off like it’s my job, I decided to do 45 minutes of cardio followed by some random, keep-me-entertained weights.

I’m off to Lynchburg for a very relaxing and sedentary weekend with Lee. (He just had surgery so we will be doing a lot of chilling!) Hopefully all of this relaxing over the holidays will get me pumped to hit the gym next week.

If nothing else, less travelling equals more time for the gym!

If nothing else, less travelling equals more time for the gym!

Hope everyone enjoys the last weekend in 2012! It’s been a good year. 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Friday Energy

  1. Lynchburg?? I went to Liberty in the burg for 4 years! Small world, enjoy it 🙂

    • oh my goodness it is a small world! My bf lives there and so I go there pretty frequently! We like the restaurants downtown like robyn alexanders! Any good recommendations for restaurants?

      • ah RA was my spot back in the day lol. I love waterstone pizza downtown. It’s right across from the river. Great in house beers, also if you want something cheap and delish go to La Carretta, awesome mexican food. Last one..super cheap drinks. west side deli 🙂 Have fun!

      • Ah so cool! I love Waterstone! Also, I’ve got to try a martini from RA. My boyfriend loves La Carretta but I haven’t been there yet. Maybe tonight will be a good night to try it! I’ll let you know where we go and I’ll definitely take pics!! 🙂

      • Yes get the pop rocks martini at RA! Dangerous! If you go to La Car-get a blue motorcycle…you might have to be carried home after 1 though

  2. Oh man I can’t workout at night at all, I give you credit. 8 pm is late for me, I like to be on the couch by then. haha.

  3. Awesome idea with the broccoli in the mac n cheese!

  4. Abby J says:

    Just came across your blog (“cookie dough” in the name definitely caught my eye 😉 ) and I’m loving it! The mac and cheese looks awesome!
    I’m the exact opposite, morning is where I have all my energy. Looking forward to reading more! 🙂

  5. I totally give you credit for working out after eating dinner. Once I’m home, watching TV with a full belly, there’s no way I’m getting to the gym! I have to go right after work, or not at all. And I’m with you as far as morning workouts go, there’s just no way my body wants to workout hard in the morning. Rarely, I’m able to do it, but most of the time, evening workouts are the best for me.

  6. Hayley says:

    Good for you for working out in the evenings! I am usually not motivated enough to exercise after a full day of work, unless I do it right after. Once I have eaten dinner and settled in though, my butt is not leaving the couch haha

  7. Fitcupcaker says:

    I have to work out late after dinner sometimes and Im not a fan, but Im happy when Im done. I like to jump start my day with a workout when I can 🙂

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