A Busy Weekend

Good morning!  Whew what a busy weekend it’s been! Busy weekends are definitely my favorite.

On Friday, Lee and I went out to dinner at West Main. I ordered the shrimp salad and he got a burger.

Shrimpy salad

Shrimpy salad

Big ole' burger

Big ole’ burger

I love shrimp in salads. The dressing was really good too. It was a chipotle ranch flare and really kicked up my salad. This was our first time at West Main and we definitely enjoyed our food.

And these did too

And drinks too!

After dinner, we walked around the downtown mall and then went to go see Silver Lining Playbook at the movie theater  This movie was really great! It was really funny and entertaining. I haven’t seen a good movie like this in a long time. Definitely check it out!

Saturday morning, Lee and I went to The Flat for brunch. This place is pretty awesome. They sell lunch and dessert crepes.

Lee and The Flat

Lee and The Flat

They were very tasty but a little intense. Mine had chicken, spinach, brie, and jelly. I loved the combination of the flavors. We both agreed that they could probably afford to be smaller with less ingredients and less butter. I know, who wants less butter? Sometimes it’s just a little much.  🙂

photo (4)photo (5)photo (6)

We walked around the mall area after filling our bellies and then ran some errands. Later that afternoon, we drove to Blue Mountain Brewery with my roommate and friends to enjoy the nice weather. We even saw one of Lee’s friends there. It was a nice evening spent with good friends and lots of laughs. (Practicing my Nicolas Sparks voice for the day that I become a writer I suppose ;))

Pretty mountains and sunset

Pretty mountains and sunset



That evening, we want to a friend’s going away party and had a great time. Two of my best friends were in town too so we had a ball together.

One of my besties

One of my besties

Sunday morning I woke up a little groggy from a fun night and Lee and I grabbed Arby’s for lunch. (Bethany– Lee always likes to say “Babe, you thinkin’ Arby’s?” like Puddy would say to Elaine on Seinfeld.) I got the chicken tenders combo and we split some mozzarella sticks. Lee jokingly said I could leave this fancy meal off the blog. 😉

After lunch, Lee left and I went hiking with my girlfriends who were still in town. We hiked Hump Back Rock which is a little over a mile long trail to get to the top of the pretty mountain.

View from the top...oh yeah exercise!

View from the top…oh yeah exercise!

It felt good to sweat it out after a long hiatus of no working out. Speaking of which, I’m finally feeling better and ready to hit the gym this evening! To say it’s been too long would be an understatement!

After our hike, we went to Sweet Frog, the best place ever. I got coconut, mango, and cheesecake frozen yogurt. The cheesecake only had 60 calories per serving! Not that I really care but that’s great that Sweet Frog is making healthier options available.

Can you tell I enjoyed it?

Can you tell I enjoyed it?

We then parted ways to shower and get ready for a nice dinner at Mono Loco.

How delicious does this look?

How delicious does this look?

My meal was awesome. I got pollo con queso and we ordered chips and salsa to split among the table.



I’m actually having my leftovers for lunch today and probably dinner tonight or tomorrow! This meal was intents but oh so delicious. We finished our meals and then went back to watch a movie and chit chat. At around 10:30, I was definitely not ready to leave but I was so sleepy and knew I’d be tired in the morning so I headed home and called my weekend a great success.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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25 thoughts on “A Busy Weekend

  1. That’s such a fun weekend full of awesome looking eats! I love how Lee joked that you could leave the Arby’s meal off the blog. I feel like I have to warn my friends that I’m about to be a weirdo and take a bunch of food pics 🙂

  2. Kerry says:

    What an awesome weekend! All of those eats look so yummy 🙂

  3. looks like a fabulous weekend. Also, cheesecake frozen yogurt? sign me up!

  4. There’s a sweet frog that just opened by me, I will have to check it out! Sounds like a fun wknd!!

  5. Michael says:

    Obviously, food deprivation is not high on your priority list. At least you’re buring off some of that indulgence. Funny isn’t it: when it comes down to it, eating, drinking and socializing are the trifecta of having fun.

  6. Oh my goodness, I am hungry after seeing all this! It looks like you had a really great weekend 🙂

  7. Looks like such a great weekend! Dinner out, brunch, hiking, froyo, mexican…ahhh pretty much all of my favorite things combined into one weekend!

  8. pickyrunner says:

    Sweet frog is my favorite froyo place! We have one at school and it’s so affordable and tasty! I agree with you that sometimes things have more butter than necessary. Personally, I don’t like the taste of it so less is more. It sounds like you had fun 🙂

  9. Hooray for the Seinfeld shoutout! so glad I’m not the only one obsessed! Looks like you had a super fun weekend 🙂

  10. Wow you had an amazing weekend with some yummy treats! I had froyo this weekend too and it totally hit the spot!

  11. I nominated you for a Liebster award! Go to my bloggity blog for the sweet deets if you want to participate 🙂 http://theclassybee.com/2013/01/14/liebster-award-im-famous/

  12. Abby says:

    Could you get any more delicious food?! Wow, I’m totally jealous. I’ve been craving froyo like a mofo lately haha your hike looks awesome, too! What a beautiful view. I hope you crush your workout today, too! Way to take care of yourself, but I totally feel ya.. after days of not working out I am more than ready to get back in the swing of things! 🙂

  13. so I have been to all of these places because I went to school in lexington va, we had a sweet frog that just opened. I would always go to the Cville farmers market which is across the street from that flats place.

  14. I always get mad when I try to order something healthy and they smother it in butter. Like, why? It doesn’t even taste good that way it’s just annoying.

  15. deniliese says:

    You must try the snickerdoodle froyo at sweetfrog! There’s one within walking distance of my apartment and I fell in love with that flavor this winter.

  16. sofitsogreen says:

    I got all the way to the bottom of your post and was still thinking about the pictures at the beginning haha. That food has seriously got me drooling! Love the blog, love your mantra 🙂

  17. Anne says:

    Ummmm hiking, friends, meals out, and fro yo, sounds like the perfect weekend!
    Have you ever tried Arby’s Roast Beef? Thank you for reminding me how much I love it Haha!

  18. jumpeatrun says:

    Sounds like an awesome weekend and full of so much great food 🙂

  19. Carrie says:

    I never cook shrimp for myself, so I try to order it when I go out to eat. 🙂

  20. katiemoves says:

    Your post made me so hungry! I love shrimp, and that burger..MMM. I LOVE sweet frog! the coconut is my favorite (with extra coconut topping of course) 🙂

  21. Stephanie says:

    What a fun weekend! So much great food… I love crepes and frozen yogurt. Weekends are definitely meant for indulging. 🙂

  22. Hey I nominated you for a Liebster award. If you want to participate, click here:http://herhappybalance.com/2013/01/15/liebster-award-and-lots-of-fun-random-facts/

  23. cfanningtx says:

    All that foods looks so good. Should have eaten before I looked because now I’m really hungry. Lol

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