A Workout and a Brownie

After over a week away from the gym and workouts, I was ready to get back to fit. I jumped on the elliptical for 30 minutes and it was great to actually get a good sweat session. I like to go forward for 5 minutes and then switch to backwards for 5 minutes for an extra challenge. Once I checked off my cardio, I moved into a circuit workout. I recently became a Tribesports blog partner and decided to try out last week’s featured workout.

BMF BlueI liked this workout although I wasn’t very good about following the rules. I’ll blame my hike on Sunday because my legs were sore so I tried to go easy on them during this challenge. Instead of lunge walks, I did in-place lunges. I also switched out the toe touches for push ups because I prefer to do abs at the end of my workout. And finally, I did light squats with bicep curls for the final exercise. Hm, this looks suspiciously like a whole new workout. I tend to use workouts like this more as a guide to create a personal workout for myself. I finished up with a bunch of crunches and even a little stretching. I’ve been trying to incorporate more stretching because it’s so easy to forget or skip in favor of going home.

Once I got back to my apartment, I wasn’t very hungry (working out always makes me lose my appetite- does this happen to anyone else?) I knew I should eat something so I made a plate of veggies and enjoyed every bit!

I eat like a baby

I eat like a baby

Once I finished dinner and watching the first episode of Girls with my roommate, I got some laundry done and wrote my thank you notes from the holidays. (Better late than never, right?) Keeping busy helped me stay out of the kitchen and away from desserts too. πŸ™‚ But don’t worry, I still got a dessert in at the office earlier in the day…

Worth the calories!

A cheesecake brownie…Worth the calories in my book!

One of the hardest parts about working in an office is trying to avoid all the delicious treats that my co-workers make from time to time. If it’s a big box of chocolates or something I know I’ll want a thousand of, then I won’t let myself have any, but if there is a limited amount and one or three will satisfy me, then I go for it!

Question of the day: Do you have a strategy to avoid eating 10 brownies or 20 handfuls of chips at the office or at a friend’s house?

Have a great day!

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25 thoughts on “A Workout and a Brownie

  1. That brownie looks delicious! I think the best way to avoid overeating sweets is to fill up on a healthy meal and to top it off with a brownie, rather than the pan. I have to admit, depending on the dessert, it is sometimes difficult to stop at just one!

  2. Hey! I nominated you for a Liebster Award! If you want to participate, check out my blog post here: http://highheeledrunner.com/2013/01/15/liebster-award/

  3. pickyrunner says:

    Yummmm brownies! I think that sometimes it’s okay to indulge in the treats your coworkers have and other times, filling up on healthy foods is definitely necessary. I’m still working on this strategy but I think it’s really helpful to make sure you have foods that you ENJOY to eat that are also healthy so you don’t feel deprived when everyone around you is eating the good stuff.

  4. Kailey says:

    Cheesecake brownie!!? That sounds RIGHT up my ally haha

  5. I never have an appetite after a workout….so strange! as for my strategies to avoiding office snacking…headphones!!! If I don’t have to hear everyone talking about how there’s free cake in the kitchen or chocolate then I don’t go check it out. Plus, being a germaphobe, I try to think of all the icky hands that have touched the food. gross.

  6. haha breakroom office food is dangerous. I try to avoid it whenever I can. I am like you working out makes me lose my appetite temporarily but it comes back πŸ™‚ Love the Tribesports workout!

  7. i wish my coworkers brought in delicious treats, there is never any food in our place. what a bummer.

  8. Kerry says:

    Oh man that dessert looks out of this world! I do 5 minutes forward and 5 minutes backward on the elliptical, too! I think it makes the time go by faster.

  9. Katie H. says:

    Haha, your veggie plate cracked me up. I love it!
    To avoid temptations? I decide on treats in advance, so if I’m going somewhere that those things will be available, I make a decision beforehand. Either I pick out the one thing that looks DELICIOUS, or I have a strict “hands-off” policy.

  10. Haha, I do workouts the same way–take some sort of great idea/premade workout with me…and then just do my own thing anyway πŸ˜‰ Sometimes you just need the inspiration rather than a strict guideline!

  11. I love your little veggie plate dinner! So cute. I get that right after a workout but then an hour or two later I feel famished. What’d you think of Girls too??

  12. Sounds like you got in a pretty great workout! Good for you for stretching after it all too…that’s something I really need to work on. I agree, it’s so much easier to just want to go home once you’re done, but 5 min of stretching can really make a difference. I avoid eating too many sweets by trying not to have any on an empty stomach. I’ll wait till I’ve eaten my lunch etc, then if there’s treats available I’ll bring one to my desk to enjoy. Thankfully people have laid off them since the holidays ended!

  13. Runner Girl Eats says:

    I almost always lose my appetite after working out. So strange. Co-workers are my biggest temptations! I usually stay away from anything store bought and let myself splurge on the homemade since it usually is fresher and tastes better. Gotta make it worth it, right?!

  14. I try to chew a piece of gum or suck on a mint just to keep my mouth occupied!

  15. Ugh my coworkers always bring in awesome food as well! My strategy (it’s evil) encourage everyone else to enjoy it so there won’t be any for me to have πŸ™‚

  16. bezzymates says:

    That brownie is worth the calories! If I’m really trying to watch my sweet intake, I’ll share the treat by halving it with somone.

  17. jumpeatrun says:

    OMG- I want that brownie now! Welcome to the TS blog team!!!

  18. Brittany says:

    That workout looks legit! I find that after a workout especially a run I need like 30 min to cool down before I’m hungry. Sometimes I’ll force myself to eat sooner if its a longer run. I don’t struggle hoarding sweets in public anymore since I went vegan. It makes it easy knowing everything has eggs or milk usually. If its a vegan treat its game over and I’ll stuff my pockets with goodness.

  19. Carrie says:

    Office desserts, ahhh! Yesterday, there were two containers of Crumbs cupcakes up for grabs, and it took some serious willpower to bypass them!

  20. Abby says:

    Okay, so I just commented on your earlier post but I have to say something about that brownie!! It looks so delicious right now I can’t even stand it. I can’t wait until I’m feeling better either so I can finally do a killer workout. It’s weird how your body starts to crave workouts after awhile.

  21. deniliese says:

    I struggle with sweets…I always have one too many but I’m working on that haha *crossing my fingers* haha

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