Weekend Eats!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was full of delicious food. On Friday evening, Lee and I went to our favorite little restaurant, Vinny’s, for dinner. He got here a little after 7:00 and we were both starving. We started our meal with spinach artichoke dip as an appetizer so we wouldn’t be grouchy to each other.

It was hard work to refrain from eating every last bite of this good stuff

It was hard work to refrain from eating every last bite of this good stuff

We decided to order a cesar salad and pizza to share. This is big because this was the very first meal that Lee has ever split with me. I’m big into splitting meals, so this made me a happy camper.

I think he digs the split!

I think he digs the split!

Would you believe we ordered a "small" pizza?

Would you believe we ordered a “small” pizza?

Dinner was delicious. Since we had so much good food, we decided to forgo dessert. I know, super lame. I realized the next day that I hadn’t had any desserts or sweets for an entire day! I think that is literally a first for me. Sad but true!

The next morning, I made us eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast.

Girlfriend of the year award? ;)

Girlfriend of the year award? 😉

After letting our food digest, we hit the gym for a little cardio. When we first walked into my little gym, almost all of the machines were taken so we went upstairs to the club house area and played a little ping pong, pool, and foozeball. It was fun and I was down to count it as my workout but seeing as we were already in our workout clothes, we figured we might as well head downstairs for a real workout!

Later, we got ready for our dinner reservation in honor of Charlottesville’s restaurant week. We had a reservation at Da Luca Bistro and it was wonderful. I ordered an italian soda mixed drink and I was a big fan.

photo (63)

By the way, I really liked everyone’s comments about drinks and social activities. I found that skipping out on Friday drinks made me enjoy Saturday’s festivities even more and more guilt-free. 😀

Anyways, back to the fun stuff. We got a 4-course meal full of flava’. Here were my foods:

photo (70)photo (71)photo (72)photo (75)

I think everyone enjoyed their meal and had a great time!

On Sunday, Lee and I hit up the Cav Diner for breakfast. I got the chocolate chip pancakes and they were alright but nothing compared to the cakes my parents make.

photo (76)

Where’s da chocolate in the cakes?

After Lee left, I got a workout in, showered, and enjoyed a new snack before dinner.

Plantain chips and peanut butter...oh yeah!

Plantain chips and peanut butter

Now I’m off to cook up a little dinner before calling it a night. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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15 thoughts on “Weekend Eats!

  1. That pizza looks so good! And I am all about chocolate chip pancakes, but it looks like those were lacking some chocolate!

  2. i love plantain chips, those look amazing!!! I am so glad you had such a wonderful weekend

  3. Kaitlin says:

    Aw I totally love splitting meals! Hopefully I can find someone to do that 🙂 my sister is usually up for it. Are those Brussels sprouts?? Yum!! Mm good idea for the plantain chips and pB

    Happy Sunday!

    “Keep Calm and Carry On”

    • Splitting meals is the best. My Mom is my favorite! And the brussel sprouts were so good! Not surprisingly, I was the only one at the table to order them as one of my meals. They just need to be given a chance because they’re so tasty!

  4. Haha I totally order appetizers just so I’m not cranky before a meal 😛

  5. I give your foodie weekend two thumbs up! This is making me look forward to going out to dinner even more next week! There’s just something about how food tastes better when other people make it for you! Oh no, how could they not put the chocolate chips inside the chocolate chip pancake! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday too!

  6. Abby says:

    Whoa, plantain chips and peanut butter?! Sounds like heaven. I love that you guys split a meal, and also your comment about being grouchy to each other made me laugh. I can so relate!!
    I can also relate to the dessert thing. Usually I don’t notice when I go a day without dessert, because if I notice before the day is over, dessert is clearly going to happen. Hope you followed that hahah. What a wonderful weekend! Have a great start to the week, too!!

  7. Brittany says:

    I am obsesssssedd with those plantain chips!! SO FREAKING good. I could eat a whole bag. I love splitting meals. I almost always do, that way you get a two for one kinda deal!! That pizza is huge!

  8. Hey! I hopped over from Mollie’s blog when I saw another Alex … we Alexs have got to stick together! That pizza looks amazing. So jealous!

  9. That pizza is huge! I’m really into sharing my food too. Luckily my husband feels the same way. Plantains and pb?? I’ve never tried or thought to try it. Was it good?

  10. Such great food all weekend! Restaurant weeks are always so much fun, great opportunity to try some fancier restaurants for a reasonable price! Oh and, I have the exact same peanut butter right now! So good.

  11. That is the largest small pizza i’ve ever seen!

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