A childhood favorite

Without having planned to, I made a big dinner for myself last night.


baked potato, chicken, couscous, asparagus

I roasted the chicken and asparagus in the oven with balsamic vinegar and spices while the potato cooked and the couscous heated up.

Whenever asked my favorite food growing up, I would always answer “baked potato.” (I failed to mention the butter, cheese, and sour cream though!) Couscous usually came in second place.


The star of the show

So tasty. Naturally, I ate all of the baked potato (besides the skin) and enjoyed my rather grown up meal.


This morning, I woke up ready to work off all of that food and hit the gym for some cardio. Despite my big dinner, I was pretty hungry throughout the majority of my workout. For breakfast, I combined Chia Goodness and steel cut oats with vanilla coconut milk and heated it up in the microwave.


Almost like Cocoa puffs!

The vanilla coconut milk really gives it a great flavor. Nothing better than a hot breakfast!

Have a great Tuesday!

Do you have a favorite food? What are some of your childhood favorites?

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26 thoughts on “A childhood favorite

  1. the skin is my favorite part,I used to only eat the skin was i was little. now I eat the whole thing but the skin is still my favorite part

  2. Cindy says:

    I have to look for Chia goodness… I hear it is high in calcium, omega-3 and fiber. Plus chocolate can’t be bad πŸ˜€

  3. Courtney says:

    Yum! I used to love baked potatoes and couscous too πŸ˜›

  4. jumpeatrun says:

    Mashed potatoes were and always will be my favorite childhood food. They are still my go-to comfort food too πŸ™‚

  5. Yum, love your breakfast! I need to try almond milk, somehow I have never actually gotten around to it! A childhood favorite would probably be a grilled cheese and chocolate milk.

  6. pickyrunner says:

    I absolutely love baked potatoes but I eat them with ketchup. I’m really weird like that…

  7. Your food looks so good!! I miss eating cocoa puffs πŸ™‚

  8. Big dinner, but delicious looking!

  9. Yummy! That looks like something I would cook…love roasted asparagus so much.

  10. Both of your meals look amazing! And I love coconut milk!

  11. Abby says:

    Yeah, butter pretty much makes the baked potato haha. Way to tackle that morning workout!! Have a good one, girl!

  12. I love baked sweet potatoes! Sometimes (like after Thanksgiving) the more I eat one day the hungrier I wake up the next day. It makes no sense. Great to get in a morning workout, I am still working on those.

  13. bentodays says:

    The baked potato looks yummy! I love eating them but try so hard not to have them too often.

  14. Bezzymates says:

    Bake potatoes take me back to my childhood too. I only have them in restaurants these days.

  15. Good lord I want that baked potato in my tummy! And I just bought vanilla coconut milk too, pumped to try it out.

  16. Carrie says:

    Call me crazy, but I love potato skins!

  17. Anne @ CandyCrazedrun.wordpress.com says:

    Potatoes are one of my absolute favorite foods, actually I’m eating one right now haha!
    I grew up in the highest potato growing region in the US. NOTHING gets me fired up like people who want to take potatoes out of schools. Fried food? Sure. Potatoes? No way!

    Whopps rant over πŸ™‚

  18. Oh yum! There are times that baked potatoes sound so good!! Tonight is now one of those nights! Looks fabulous πŸ™‚

  19. I do love me some potatoes, any kind and any way you make them, skins and all!

    My mom used to make Crumb Cake when I was growing up and that with some chocolate milk was ALWAYS (and may still be) my favorite πŸ™‚

  20. I used to LOVE mac + cheese, I swear EVERYDAY I would ask for it for dinner. I have not had mac + cheese (the kraft kind) in over 6 years because I am dairy free! I have tried vegan versions but NOTHING is the same which is to bad because I would love to relive my childhood memories! I love chia seeds in the morning I swear those little guys just do it for me energy wise! Breakfast looks tasty I will have to try it one morning! Love + Shine CourtStar

  21. My childhood favorite was definitely always mac & cheese. I still love it, to this day! πŸ™‚

  22. I love how grown-up and balanced your dinner is! A far cry from the PB and banana I scrounged up last night haha! Childhood favorite of mine was always spaghetti, or chicken with mashed potatoes, yum.

  23. FAVORITE FOOD EVER = Spaghetti Squash, Salmon, Butternut Squash… Unagi… Salmon Skin… Okay, clearly that’s not just ONE food – but man, I have my favorites! I love me some good grub! I could totally use some right now actually.

    What’s funny is my palette has done a complete 180 from when I was little and would only eat bread and butter – I haven’t eaten bread in 10 years!!!

  24. Delicious looking food! Two of my childhood favorites that have followed me into adulthood are: salsa (and nachos, specifically), and pasta dishes. Obviously I have a thing for tomato-based products!

  25. sybaritica says:

    That saparagus turned out so nicely. I dislike boiled but yours looks great.

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