Spring snow makes me lazy though

Good morning! Or should I say good afternoon. It’s currently snowing outside so I’m working from home today.


I’m happy to be home today but I definitely feel pretty lazy. Oh well, everyone deserves a day in PJs from time to time.

This weekend, Lee and I went out for most of our meals. Definitely not something we like to make a habit of but when friends are in town, going out to eat is to be expected!

Friday night spinach and artichoke dip

Friday night spinach and artichoke dip

And nachos to split!

And nachos to split!

Saturday night- sushi!

Saturday night- sushi!

Sunday brunch

Sunday brunch

After all those restaurant meals, I’m ready for a week of healthy, home-cooked entrees! On another note, I created the best snack from my left over brunch. I spread honey over my oatmeal date toast and melted sharp cheddar cheese on top.


I think I may be hooked on cheese! So good though.

Are you a cheese lover? What’s your favorite kind?

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21 thoughts on “Spring snow makes me lazy though

  1. I am dying to make some homemade spinach and artichoke dip, there are so many great recipes out there. this snow is weird, come on spring!

  2. Mm your leftovers look great! I love cheese – cheddar and mozzarella are my favs.

  3. I must admit_ i was never a cheese lover – weird right? lol. I like my cheese on pizza, the occasional grilled cheese, a sprinkle of parmesan and that’s about it. The rest I can take or leave…although if I go to Melting Pot I don’t mind the cheese fondue, just not something I would ever crave or go out of my way for.

  4. omg love cheese. Esp laughing cow cheese! Love manchego too esp w/ a nice spanish wine 🙂

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE cheese…Baby Swiss is probably one of my favorites, but it’s really hard to pick. I once dated a guy that hated cheese…needless to say we didn’t last 🙂

  6. pickyrunner says:

    Seriously can we get rid of the snow. I’m ready for summertime. Goodbye snow.

  7. jumpeatrun says:

    I am seriously obsessed with cheese…it’s probably a bit out of control actually. haha

  8. That snack sounds amazing! I adore all types of cheese!

  9. Oh man, that cheesey toast sounds so good! I love cheese + a sweetner (apples, honey, raisins, anything!)

  10. IRENA & dots says:

    Is there anything better than cheese? Sometimes we need to be lazy so enjoy! 😉

  11. munchee from publix in west palm beach ,florida. but i don’t know if anyone has it anymore.

  12. Anne @ CandyCrazedrun.wordpress.com says:

    Ohh so jealous of your snow day!

    I am happy with any kind of cheese, just as long as it’s none of that fat-free stuff 🙂

  13. Omg, yum!! I am definitely a cheese lover, love it all!’

  14. Gosh I wish I could work from home I would sleep all day and never get anything done… I love eating out and am addicted to the dips…

  15. Kaitlin says:

    LOVE CHEESE! The more the better 🙂 I recently tried manchengo, which was interesting. I like muenster, pepper jack, and jack!

  16. bezzymates says:

    Love cheese. It’s so “Gouda.” There’s the answer to your question. Can’t help it, I’m a “cheesy” person. Oops, there I go again.

  17. omg cheese is probably one of my all time favorite foods!! I could eat it for every meal!!!

  18. that snack looks delicious! I can totally understand your wanting to have some home cooked meals after a weekend of eating out. I am like that after travelling I am always so ready to just make something packed with veggies with minimal amount of grease. Although at the time all those restaurant meals always feel so worth it!

  19. Working from home is the best!! 🙂

    That spinach and artichoke dip looks amazing!! I am definitely a cheese lover :).

  20. The snow needs to go away! I like most all cheeses especially munster. I don’t know why but it reminds me of being a little kid.

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