Positive Thinking

Good morning and happy Friday! Some days, well most days really, I need to use positive thinking to evoke happiness. I’m a big fan of Pinterest and often look at my Inspiration board to help get me through a tough time or just a lull in the day. Here are some of my recent favorite quotes:








My favorite quote is the last one by C.S. Lewis. We have the power to control how we view ourselves and the world. Our minds are a crazy, powerful tool that can create beauty in our lives just as quickly as it can tear us apart. Understanding our mental strength is key.

It’s a crazy ride being a 20-something! For a little fun and humor, check out the Thought Catalog’s 15 Guaranteed Things That Will Happen To You In Your 20s and 86 Things I learned in College.


I’m in a bit of a food coma this morning after a huge Easter/Passover dinner celebration last night.

The one picture I managed to capture of our feast last night!

The one picture I managed to capture of our feast last night!

I let myself sleep in instead of workout this morning and I feel so lethargic.

I even made myself a cheese & black bean breakfast quesedilla

I made myself a cheese & black bean breakfast quesedilla

It’s funny how the less movement I get, the more tired I feel. Doesn’t it seem like it should be the other way around? Whatever works though- I certainly like to stay active! I’m looking forward to a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend at home with my family this weekend! Maybe my mom and I will take another Zumba class. 😀

Have a great weekend and a happy, chocolate-filled Easter and Passover!

Question of the weekend: How do you stay positive? Do you use Pinterest for motivation?

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31 thoughts on “Positive Thinking

  1. I’ve definitely noticed the same thing–on my rest days, I feel so tired, and the thought of moving seems so overwhelming. Maybe it’s because I’m fully embracing the rest? 😉

  2. Thanks for sharing some inspiration! I stay motivated/inspired by reading blogs (yay!) and through finding great music. My mom always ingrained the power of metaphysics growing up so I definitely believe in mind power and the power of positive thinking. Happy Easter to you too!

  3. Thank you for this inspiring post! I always need some extra positive feelings :).

  4. I absolutely love this! I definitely use pinterest for motivation and these are all so encouraging!!

  5. jumpeatrun says:

    Those quotes are all so good! I totally know what you mean about being more tired when you aren’t working out. My eating habits also tend to go downhill the less active I am too- you would totally think it would be the other way around. happy easter!

  6. Joy says:

    Great quotes – I love pinterest!

  7. I get the same way. The less I move the more tired I am. Yesterday was case in point. I sat ALL DAY and currently feel exhausted. What can ya do. Try again tomorrow 🙂

  8. Amanda says:

    I also have a quote board on Pinterest, and I love looking at it when I’m in a crappy mood. It always makes me feel better. And it’s definitely important to have a positive outlook. Positivity breeds more positivity!

  9. I think that happens to everyday, rest days I am super duper tired. Love this positivity for a Friday!

  10. Kaitlin says:

    I totally use Pinterest to keep me pumped up 🙂 it can be tough to stay perpetually positive, but those quotes help maintain perspective!

  11. Love these quotes!! And your quesadilla looks awesome!

  12. I read this book called psyho cybernetics all about how to take control of your life through your mind. It’s amazing- more than just positive thinking … It’s a way of life.

  13. Brittany says:

    I loveee this post, and that C.S. Lewis quote is perfect!! I have been focusing so hard lately on positive thoughts and it has improved my days SO much!!

  14. Francene Katzen says:

    Oh, I am LOVING this blog today-you know I am all about the positive thinking!!! I am thrilled that you are learning this at an early age-actually about the same age as I did-you know how happy that makes a Mom!!! Will have to post on my FB wall for all to see!

  15. My in laws always do a passover dinner, but there’s is tonight. I’m glad your keeping your spirits high, I think that’s key. Have a great weekend=)

  16. I love Pinterest…and I love a good someecard lol. I find the funny quotes give a lot of inspiration…have a wonderful holiday!..and by the way, I totally told my son today – the less you move the more tired you are.

  17. I use Twitter when I need a good some uplifting or an attitude change… There are a few people I follow who post something positive adn encouraging every single tweet! I love it!

  18. Anne @ CandyCrazedrun.wordpress.com says:

    I am by far way more lethargic on my “off days.” Workouts are definitely the best caffeine!

  19. Courtney says:

    Pinterest motivation is the best! Thanks for sharing these great ones 🙂

  20. I love pinterest motivational quotes!

  21. Angela @ Health's Angel says:

    I love Thought Catalog. Completely addicted. It’s one of my must-read daily sites! 🙂

  22. bezzymates says:

    Love this! Thanks for sharing.

  23. I usually feel more tired and lethargic on days that I don’t work out as well…and it feels like I’ve had gray cloud following me around today so I really appreciate your encouraging post!

  24. The days I don’t workout I eat reeally light foods like salads, soups and protein filled smoothies because I want my body to focus on repair and relaxation and of course digesting whatever it could not or else yes I feel lethargic! I love sharing positive quotes, I used to do Motivational Monday every monday but decided it was forcing me to blog which is never a good thing! I love the Note to Self: picture, that one is SO true! Living a RELAXED life is so much better then a stressful one! Have a great weekend 🙂 Love + Shine CourtStar

  25. Love this post.
    Thanks for the spring inspiration!!!

  26. Happy Easter, I took Zumba this weekend….

  27. jessielovestorun says:

    Thanks for sharing all the those inspiration quotes! I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend xoo

  28. Thanks for sharing a link to your Pinterest board – I can always use the inspiration!

    And I totally get what you mean, I definitely have more energy when I workout, crazy as it is.

  29. […] Loving ourselves is not an easy task to achieve. With work though, it can be accomplished and it’s an amazing thing. If we don’t love ourselves, how do we expect others to love us or enjoy our company? Cultivate self-awareness through positivity. […]

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