Jump Up and Move

Thank you all for your creative ideas on how to use my crazy fruit concoction! I’ll be sure to post what I create!

Check out my array of foods from dinner last night:

Arugala + romain with cucumbers, tomatos, beets

Arugula and romaine with cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, pesto + cauliflower & mustard + peppers & salsa- Yum!

Today, I thought I would sway from my kitchen experiences and talk about another one of my interest, fitness.

How I feel about working out

How I feel about working out

Working out, whether it be running, lifting weights, or practicing yoga, is my drug. It gives me more energy, a relaxed mind, and a true sense of well-being.


Now that the warm weather is here, I’ve found my passion again in running. I enjoy running because I get to create the path, pace, sounds, movements, and length. When else in life do we get complete autonomy to create something so good for ourselves?


Running and exercise is a time where we get to focus on ourselves without feeling ego-driven; after all, we were made to move.

So today, I challenge you to move. If it’s a walk or a run, a body shape class or an upperbody weight workout, feel the power in creating and moving.

Jump up and move :)

Jump up and move 🙂

Have a terrific Thursday!

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29 thoughts on “Jump Up and Move

  1. That salad looks fantastic!

  2. Alright you’ve inspired me to move today! I’ve been debating whether to workout or just go grocery shopping. I realistically can do both, so I just need to do it!

  3. The weather does totally transform my mindset this time of year, I love that about the spring/summer

  4. Nike was onto something with that short, quick, motivating slogan. I love all these quotes. Especially about life being like exercise. Consider me motivated!

  5. Runner Girl Eats says:

    I am totally addicted t exercise endorphins too. I can’t wait to move at the gym after work today!

  6. I spy a white Keurig!

    I LOVE running. I have always said that I can solve the world’s problems when running because even when I have music blaring in my ears, my mind just clears and works everything out 🙂

  7. Erin says:

    That salad looks delicious and I am definitely more motivated to work out more with this weather..and knowing I will be wearing a bikini soon (;

  8. Courtney says:

    Great post!! Those mini peppers are the best 🙂

  9. Caitlyn says:

    that salad looks delicious & i love so much of what you said here!

  10. pickyrunner says:

    In general working out is something I really love to do obviously but there is something about summertime that really turns my love of running into a real obsession. I unfortunately can’t be active today (sitting in a car for 8 hours does that) but you better believe tomorrow morning I’ll be out there bright and early for my first New England run in 5 months!

  11. bentodays says:

    Great post! Trying to get myself up and moving again.

  12. Yay, I love this!

    Whenever I’m feeling down, working out ALWAYS makes me feel better. The trick is to remember this!

    I loooove how you wrote this: “I enjoy running because I get to create the path, pace, sounds, movements, and length. When else in life do we get complete autonomy to create something so good for ourselves?”

    It’s so true! I never thought of running as an act of creating something, but that’s exactly what it is! So incredibly empowering.

  13. Anne @ CandyCrazedrun.wordpress.com says:

    Yippee! Anytime I hear someone finding their running grove it puts a smile on my face 🙂

  14. I’ve been so stressed and uneasy ever since I had to quit working out because of my back….it definitely was my stress reliever

  15. Brittany says:

    Challenge accepted!! I need to move, I get moody and low if I don’t!

  16. jumpeatrun says:

    I am the same way with working out/running. You don’t want to be around me if I have to go a few days without it…not a happy camper!

  17. Love it! Running serves the same purpose for me. That salad looks like artwork!

  18. Francene Katzen says:

    Please send me that salad tonight for dinner-looks devine!!! As I have always said “For me, running is the best high I have ever had”. . . . Keep up the running so we can do some races together.

  19. Creating the path… I totally love that. I created a path on my lunch break this afternoon and took a walk outside. With such gorgeous weather, it’s almost a crime not to take advantage of it.

  20. I love exercising, it just makes you feel so good!!

  21. That salad looks so good!! Those cucumbers are so tiny and cute!! 😉

  22. Meredith says:

    I love that quote about life and exercise, it is spot on! You motivated me to move tomorrow, thanks : – )

  23. Love those quotes! So motivating! I totally wasn’t feeling like going to the gym today but I think I can get my booty up now haha

  24. Allie says:

    Love the reminder to just get up and move! I’m not a runner, but I did hit the gym this morning, and it felt GOOD! If it wasn’t raining, I’d totally go for a walk after work–I’ll have to find something else movement-like to end my day with 🙂

  25. moderngirlnutrition says:

    Loving the looks of your dinner! Great post! 🙂

  26. One of the biggest reasons why I love running so much is because I can make it all my own – time, length, pace, repeats, etc. Great perspective!

  27. Mmm, all of those salad toppings sound delic!

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