Set the Goal

“I’ll just have a water please.”

Those were the words my friend, Hillary and I uttered last night while out with our friends.

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Who knew that simple phrase would sound undesirable to others, prompting questions.

“Wait, you’re not drinking?” “Aren’t you going to get a drink?”

The nights I choose not to drink are often the most fun. After getting over the initial awkwardness of asking for a water, everyone else usually moves on and I find myself more confident as a result.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my fair share of wine and mixed drinks (beer, not so much), but occasionally, skipping the drinks is a necessity. I think it’s important to vary your interests so not to hone in on one thing, like going out at night. Moderation, baby.

Whether you’re trying to drink less. workout more, or just striving to stay positive, check out this article on conquering a new skill. As a marketing professional, I was surprised by Herbert Lui’s statement, “quantity should be a higher priority than quality.” Wait, what?

“Try fast, fail fast, learn fast.”

Go tackle that long-lingering goal today. The sooner you start, the sooner it will become a reality!





Question of the day: Do you have nights where you just order a water? What’s one of your long-lingering goals you’d like to accomplish?

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28 thoughts on “Set the Goal

  1. Hillary says:

    Had so much fun last night, as always! As my 2nd favorite doctor once said, (my first favorite is my lady doctor, obviously) “those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Seuss

  2. 99.9% order water doing as i am told, but at friday’s i ordered half water half peach tea last year

  3. Nancy Vetter says:

    Good post, Alex, for a sometimes awkward situation. It’s weird that people will ask this question, but will rarely say something like, “No sour cream tonite?” Could it be the person who asks that question feels uncomfortable being the only one partaking in an alcoholic beverage? Has being the sole person ordering a drink with alcohol become yet another social pressure? We are way to hard on ourselves!

  4. pickyrunner says:

    I always struggle with that too when I go out. I’ve drank 3 times now and I have yet to finish my own drink. I usually just have water and while I’m fine with it, it does prompt questions from others and makes me feel uncomfortable until the subject changes. Being confident in your own decisions is the only way to be!

  5. bezzymates says:

    Good for you. When you refuse alcohol, people always react as if you have a third eye. There are many times when I just have water, but usually not on the weekends 🙂 My long term goal is still to gain upper body mass, which leads to my next question. Your arms look great. What are you doing to gain those muscles little lady? Looks fantastic!

  6. I just did that last night! Feels good and no one really cares after a while 🙂

  7. jumpeatrun says:

    I definitely have nights where I just order water..or even just one drink and then switch to water while everyone else keeps drinking.,…I kinda like those nights too 🙂

  8. The last lunch of my girls’ weekend I just ordered a water and it had the same effect as you ordering water lastnight. And then the other girls didn’t want to drink either :/ Drink what you want when you want it! I just felt like I had my fair share of alcohol for the weekend and needed to detox a bit and relax. Oh well, it happens.

  9. I don’t go out that much during the week, so no. LOL but I do drink a lot of water!! I keep a big bottle at my desk at work.

  10. Francene Katzen says:

    SOOO love your 2nd post about decisions-so true! Builds character too. When you get my age, people don’t even ask anymore “Why are you not drinking”. . . .Great idea to set the goal, I even do that at my age before going out as to whether I will drink or not.

  11. I hate the questioning and peer pressure over not having a drink. But if I stick to my resolve, I never regret it!!!

  12. I LOVE this post. So happy to hear someone is in the same boat as me. I definitely like a drink every now and then (bloody mary’s are a weakness) but not all the time. Like you said, moderation! My family are big wine drinkers so they especially give me looks when I just get water. I feel good about it though so that’s all that matters. Thanks for the article too!

  13. I think everyone that knows me has pretty much come to accept the fact that I’m not a big drinker. I’ll enjoy a drink every now and then, but I tend to stick to water or juice for the most part. I find that as long as you’re confident and don’t act like what you’re doing is strange, people don’t usually tend to care so much.

  14. I am the queen of just ordering water. I am not a big drinker, never was and probably never will be. I have no tolerance – as in I go straight to sick, at any given moment, without notice, and sometimes from only half a drink (learned it has something to do with my low blood pressure and something called neurological syncope). That being said, I must admit that this summer I have been drinking a glass or two of wine on occasion chasing each sip with water…and enjoying it!

  15. Courtney says:

    There are definitely nights when I just stick to water… it’s fun to watch other people do silly things! 😛

  16. Kaitlin says:

    GOOD FOR YOU! I get sidetracked by the idea “everyone else is doing it” (bad, I know…compare me to a lemming) and there are definitely nights where I just don’t want to drink. In college I would often just stay at home to avoid the questions and stares if I wasn’t drinking. I enjoy a glass of wine or mixed drink every now and then (agree, beer isn’t my fav) but certainly not all the time. I love this. That quote is certainly surprising. I put a quote on my blog yesterday – “I used to go into a room and wonder if people would like me and now I go into a room and wonder if I will like the people”. Always good to be open and accepting, but we can’t linger on what other people think. 🙂

  17. I am still not able to order drinks (under 21, woot woooot) but I am sure that I would do the same 🙂

  18. I agree, sometimes I just don’t want to drink or I am focusing on my body. It feels awkward sometimes but at the end of the day, I need to worry about me!

  19. Katherine says:

    I always have this really fast internal debate when the waiter asks what I want to drink. (Mine is ually between soda and water, however, because I’m not of age) It’s always a tough choice, but moderation is KEY! A good drink is great once in a while, but you’re doing what’s right for you and that is SO important! I love Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote, ‘You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.’ I ALWAYS think everyone is watching me, when most of the time they could care less what I”m doing and they just move on! Keep going girl! You are marvelous!

  20. Since I’m not old enough to drink, I always get water haha. But even when I am old enough drink, I know there will definitely be plenty of nights when I stick to water too. It kind of drives me crazy that some people think you need drinks to have a good time. I always have a great time when I go out with my friends, and I never drink!
    My current goal is to complete my half marathon! 🙂

  21. Brittany says:

    I always get water…haha. I actually just don’t go out with friends if I know they are going to be partying. I JUST started going out after work with one or two friends for ONE drink and that’s my max.! I have no shame getting water, I just don’t like drinking though.

  22. Love this! I don’t really like beer either (although I do love wine!) And sometimes I feel like going out, but I’m not in the mood to drink! People usually tease me for awhile, but then they forget about it 😉

  23. i always order water. it’s when i order an actual drink, my friends are “you’re drinking tonight?” LOL

  24. Angela @ Health's Angel says:

    Oh I relate to this so much. I’m not a huge fan of drinking at all but of course most of my friends are. I’m actually known as the person who almost always gets water at the bar! Most people don’t care, but I have a couple friends who think I’m weird because of it and give me the side eye. Everyone should just mind their own business and let people do what they want!

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