Secrets for Twenty-somethings

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to read and review Paul Angone‘s book, 101 Secrets For Your Twenties. When I got home from the beach to write about it, the book was nowhere to be found. Luckily, a family friend returned it to me this weekend at our tailgate. Woo!

Anyway, I recommend everyone check out this book, even if you’re not a 20-something.

101 secrets for your twenties

Here are some of my highlights that are helpful for anyone, no matter your age:

  • Your own website is what a resume and power suit were in the ’90s.
  • In the working world, they’re expecting you to teach yourself.
  • Failing means you’re simply finding a more profound way to be successful if you’re willing to learn from it.
  • It’s always been true that those who know how to change will win.
  • But if we keep our eyes open. Pay attention. Keep playing the game. Eventually, the clues will point us.
  • The best way to relieve frustration is to dive headfirst right into it.
  • Faith is to stop pretending like you have all the answers, or that you even know the right questions.
  • You’re not alone. Just knowing that fact can be enough to breathe life into that which has felt suffocating.
  • Everyone is too busy putting a PR spin on their own lives to care too much about yours. Live for you.
  • Complaining is passive and powerless. Creating is proactive and powerful.
  • Explorers get lost on purpose, with purpose. Explorers only find something greater if they first lose site of the familiar.

exploring wilderness

I was talking to my friend’s father about constantly changing in my 20s. He said it’s not so much change as shedding the covers and becoming more true to yourself.


So I’m essentially becoming more of a dessert lover

A little secret I’ve found along the way- talk to grownups. And when I say talk, I mean listen.




What’s your favorite tip?

Go have a Sunday Funday! 😉

10 thoughts on “Secrets for Twenty-somethings

  1. Nancy Vetter says:

    Great post, Alex. The book gives some very good advice. As someone who has been working for a long time, my tips would be: Make yourself indispensable to your employer so if cutbacks come, you’ll be the last cut – and when you move on, you’ll leave with a good reference in your back pocket. How to make yourself indispensable? Work hard, first to arrive, last to leave. Use sick days only when you’re really sick – not just sick of working. Stay alittle hungry while you build your career. And, never, never forget that working is a business agreement regardless of how much you may like the company, boss or co-workers.

  2. Anne @ says:

    I love this. So much of what you posted are tidbits that you read all of the time, however, it is only recently that I have personally come to actually “get it” and understand what it means. Reading it has a whole new meaning now.

  3. Katherine says:

    Even though I’m not in my twenties (only 3 years left!) I think these are some great tips! I love when you post references to books! You read some really interesting ones. Hopefully I’ll use these now AND when I’m a twenty something year old!

  4. I love the idea that were not changing but shedding the covers and discovering our true selves. I couldn’t agree with this more! I’m only 4 years into my 20s and I already feel such a better sense of self than I did when I was 20. Believe it or not I am actually looking forward to feeling even more comfortable at 29!

  5. beth says:

    A tip I love:
    “The UNHAPPIEST people in this world are those who care the most about what other people think.”

  6. Caitlyn says:

    love the line about failure. and shedding our covers to find who we truly are. the years in our twenties sure are an interesting ride.

  7. Lindsay says:

    I definitely want to check this book out! I too feel that I’m constantly changing in my 20s. When I was younger, I definitely thought that I’d have it all figured out a bit more by this time in my life, but that’s life I suppose! We’re constantly evolving and learning 🙂

  8. This one stood out…cuz it’s oh so true…

    “Everyone is too busy putting a PR spin on their own lives to care too much about yours. Live for you.”

    I would definitely say to DO YOU and enjoy your 20’s!! It goes by so fast…I can’t believe I will be 30 next year. My 20s have definitely been nothing short of amazing with ups and downs but that’s all a part of this life I am so grateful to be living.

  9. That’s some good advice for any age. If anything, being willing to learn, change, and not feel like you know all the answers is even more important for staying relevant when you are older (as I am).

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