Staying Healthy through the Holidays

Good afternoon and welcome to Marvelous Monday hosted by the fabulous Katie!

Marvelous is the season to be jolly.

Charlottesville Christmas

Christmas parties on Christmas parties.

Charlottesville holidays

The holiday season is full of parties. With all the celebrations, it can be easy to slide off the healthy horse, so I amp up my cardio and enjoy the festivities.


Do you work out more during the holidays?

be cheerful it's contagious

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10 thoughts on “Staying Healthy through the Holidays

  1. Nancy Vetter says:

    Should have read this BEFORE I ate that Godiva chocolate 😦

  2. wickedhealthywashingtonian33 says:

    Your bangs are inspiring me… I’ve been contemplating taking the bang plunge but have been nervous! And in regards to the cardio wagon during the holidays- nothing to it but to do it! So worth it to run that extra mile when you know you’ll be enjoying lots of treats 🙂

  3. I love those pictures, you are too cute!

  4. Can I come join these awesome looking parties?! I definitely have to work out during the holidays because there is no way I am skipping the dessert table 🙂

  5. I wouldn’t say I work out more, but I try not to work out less haha!

  6. Cindy says:

    I just try to get regular workouts in every week. That’s the only way I can keep up with all the festivities 😀

  7. I just get in as many workouts as I can and stick to eating a snack before I go out to the party so I am careful not to get to crazy! Lots of love and happy holidays 🙂

  8. […] tips for staying healthy through the holidays are to stay busy, drink lots of water, and sit less, even if it means standing at your desk or […]

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