Today is Marvelous

What makes any day Marvelous? To me, it’s about the mindset. If I say Monday will be marvelous, then surely it will. Let’s jump in!

Marvelous is the most amazing salad I had for dinner last night.

Marvelous is a delicious yogurt parfait for Sunday brunch.

yogurt parfait

Marvelous is a Saturday night Salvadoran feast.

salvadoran food

Marvelous is a night of jazz – the music not the apple 😉

a jazzy good time

With all the food talk, here’s a little fitness motivation:


How’s your Monday shaping up?

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16 thoughts on “Today is Marvelous

  1. The Salvadorian food looks awesome!

  2. Beth says:

    More details please on the Salvadorian food!! Looks intriquing — What’s IN it? What’s it taste like? Love trying new ethnic stuff ’round here! 🙂

    • It tastes a lot like Mexican food actually. We ordered nachos for an appetizer and then I got a pupusa with queso and carnitas (a thick hand corn tortilla with meat and cheese, much thicker than Mexican tortillas.) The dish in the middle is carnita tacos (pulled pork) with rice and beans. The food seemed a little healthier than Mexican, but full of delicious flavors. There are several Salvadoran restaurants in DC. Very tasty!

  3. I have never had Salvadorian food before, but it looks tasty! Do you know if it is very vegetarian-friendly?

    • Beth says:

      ^^ I am wondering the same! Is Salvadoran somewhat Veggie-friendly? 😉

      • Good question! They have a lot of meat heavy dishes but there were several vegetarian options as well. I think I saw a tofu dish too. Salvadoran food is a lot like Mexican so you could get a great dish with tofu, beans, and cheese. I’m not sure how well a vegan would get a long though!

  4. that food all looks delicious!

  5. That breakfast parfait looks so delicious! Actually, all of this food looks great! The Salvadoran feast = perfect! I’d love to have that for dinner tonight 🙂

  6. wow that salad really is marvelous! I love the no excuses quote, it’s so true. Glad you had a great weekend!

  7. Katie H. says:

    Wow, that salad DOES look marvelous!

  8. Caitlyn says:

    whoa your eats look really awesome- especially that salad yumm!

  9. I ALWAYS wake up with the mindset that today is MARVELOUS!!! And today is TASTY TUESDAY – only the best (ha ha, cause I post a new blog, LMFAO – I always get so excited)!

  10. Whoa that Salvadoran feast! I’ve never ventured into having food like that but it looks incredible! Glad I found your blog 🙂

  11. Katherine says:

    Ooh I needed that fitness motivation! Hope your week has been splendid!

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