Marvelous in DC!

Welcome to Marvelous Monday! What’s marvelous for you today?

Marvelous is a Chinese lunch today at Chinatown Express.

chinese food

Marvelous is a Sunday night eating dinner and hanging out with friends.

sunday night fun

Marvelous is Sunday brunch, because it’s always an essential part to Sunday.

The Diner Adams Morgan

Marvelous is a sober Saturday night of dancing to 90s music at The Black Cat!

sober fun

Marvelous is trying new food, even when it’s no good. Pork fries…ew

pork fries

Marvelous is DC fun! I’m here for the week. 🙂


I’m off to yoga class. Have a great end to 2013!


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5 thoughts on “Marvelous in DC!

  1. Have fun in DC! I want to start a Sunday brunch tradition that looks fabulous!

  2. Anne @ says:

    I mean really, how can you NOT have a marvelous day when you listen to 90’s music 🙂

  3. I mean Brunch is a big part of DC, hope you get to enjoy that aspect.

  4. OMG DC looks amazing! I’ve always wanted to go! You’re so cute in your hat!

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