Monday is for Martin

Happy MLK day. Hopefully you get the day off or a low-key day. 🙂

MLK quote

Let’s jump into Marvelous Monday.

Marvelous is a chocolate fortune and a healthy dinner on Friday night. That orange was on point.

friday chocolate and dinner

Marvelous is Mexican food and girls night on Saturday evening.

guadalajara dinner

girls night

Marvelous is yep, Sunday brunch. 🙂

Marvelous is this brownie mix I made for Sunday night’s potluck dinner at C’ville Coffee. They were quite delicious!

ooey gooey chocolate brownie mix

Marvelous is a great workout this morning with positive reading material.

train your brain

Question: Do you like reading during cardio?


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6 thoughts on “Monday is for Martin

  1. I’ve never tried reading during cardio. I feel like I would fall off the treadmill if I tried to haha

  2. Anne @ says:

    Oranges are the crème of the crop (literally) as to why I love winter produce the best! Yummmm

    There is one particular machine that I can read magazines on, on the treadmill. It is a great way to distract myself when I run consistent miles as opposed to intervalsl!

  3. Your polka dot sweater is super cute!!

  4. Love your pink polka dot sweater, and those eats looks so delicious!

  5. Julie says:

    I’ve seen that cake mix and now I can’t wait to try it.

  6. Mexican food +girls night = the best.

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