A Cooking Class in Richmond

I attended a Debi Shawcross cooking class in Richmond on Wednesday night with my mom.

Debi's dinner party

It was fun sitting in Debi’s kitchen as she prepared the four course meal we had for dinner and learning different tricks of the trade, like using the right olive oil or red wine for pasta sauce.

Debi Shawcross

We noshed on focaccia bread and chili dipping oil for appetizers.


The chili dip had a nice kick to it. My mom and I love spicy so we were pleased. 🙂


After the appetizers, we watched her prepare the salad, entree and dessert. I especially enjoyed her salad dressing recipe.

She prepared a house salad with blue cheese and prosciutto; pasta with pancetta, pork and garlic wine sauce; and a citrus and chocolate slice of pie (my favorite of course).

Debi Shawcross dinner

Overall, the night was filled with delicious food, good conversation and lots of cooking tips. Thanks Mom for the invite!

me and mom

Thank you Debi for a great evening!

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One thought on “A Cooking Class in Richmond

  1. Michael Katzen says:

    Nice pic of you and your sister (oops, I mean your mom).

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