Jump on Restaurant Week

There’s no week like restaurant week. The best restaurants in Charlottesville offer a special menu for one week.

orzo restaurant week

My date for the evening made a reservation at Orzo Kitchen & Wine Bar and we were excited to peruse the menu.

my orzo date

We each selected an appetizer, salad and entre.

I ordered mussels to start, a mixed greens salad and salmon. Each dish was full of tang.

restaurant week at orzo

The only challenge was holding back on inhaling each bite.

mussels at orzo

The mussels were savory, cooked in a cream and meat sauce.

charlottesville orzo

The portions were small, but full of bursting flavors. If you’re in a city that has a restaurant week, grab a date and go get a delicious meal.


After dinner we went out to meet some friends.

tequila sunrises

I actually haven’t been drinking for a couple months but that doesn’t stop me from capturing the colorful drinks. 🙂

Have you participated in a restaurant week?

Have a fun weekend, pretty young thing!

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13 thoughts on “Jump on Restaurant Week

  1. I am so sad I didn’t take advantage of that week. I happen to get slammed with work which is such a bummer. the menus I kept checking out looked drool worthy

  2. Kaitlin says:

    Ooooo looks like a blast! I’ve heard of restaurant week but haven’t attended one…yet! I absolutely love deals. Those drinks look super fun but I’ve been dry for dryuary (and who knows maybe longer) but they still look interesting 🙂

    • The Zen Kat says:

      Dryuary? Haha that’s cool! I haven’t heard of that. I’m right there with you on the drinking. I’ve been feeling so much better sans alcohol though! 🙂

      • Kaitlin says:

        Well my boss actually suggested it to me a week or so in and I hadn’t drank yet so I agreed. I feel so much better and have saved quite the bundle of cash this month alone. It’s an interesting experience socially though and I’m thinking of writing about it. Who knows!

  3. ranchcookie says:

    I haven’t but I have always wanted to! Maybe I will be able to this time around!

  4. Ooo restaurant week! They have one of those here in the D but I’ve never been!!

  5. Restaurant Week’s been going on here in Chicago. I’ve been dining out almost everyday this week!

  6. Yum! How lucky are you?! Sounds like a fantastic night filled with great food. I want a restaurant week too!

  7. bezzymates says:

    Looks great. We have Winterlicious here, but I’ve never been.

  8. I haven’t participated in restaurant week. I definitely want to after seeing all these pictures!!

  9. It’s restaurant week in Chicago too, and while I haven’t had a chance to go, I’ve been living vicariously through people like you haha. While I usually like bigger portions and just getting the exact entree I want, I sometimes wish more restaurants offered course meals like this. It just seems like the perfect balance! Ps mussels are the best

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