We Ignite the Fire

I’ve got a case of the mundanes. My day is accompanied with a daunting list of tasks that I honestly don’t feel like doing. How do I re-ignite a blazing fire under my bum that lasts longer than my car’s seat warmer?

I’ve found that acknowledging the lack of drive is the first step to clarity. Don’t fight it. Instead, feel it and keep going, even if it’s at a snail’s pace. If you fall of the wagon, you can always keep walking. I need to remember what I’m grateful for in order to stay on track. Welcome to Marvelous Monday.

Marvelous is a hibachi dinner on Friday. What a fabulous spectacle.


Marvelous is a Valentine’s Day dessert. It’s just wrong to deny yourself sinfully sweet ice cream on the day of love.

ice cream dessert

Marvelous is more decadence carried into Saturday morning. About that moderation plan of mine…

cinnamon buns

Marvelous is a red hot manicure at the salon on Saturday. Red is forever in style, right mom?

Manicure at Mimosa Salon

Marvelous is making homemade jewelry. I used to love making those soft strand friendship bracelets as a kid. I traded in the rainbow strings for natural beads and spiritual charms, like the evil eyehamsa and elephant.

positive spiritual bracelet

Marvelous is a homemade brunch. While I love going out for Sunday brunch, nothing beats a savory pajama-clad meal nestled between good company and a fluffy couch.



Marvelous is  a little creative exploring on Sunday whilst strolling through museums.

photo 3 (91)

And just like that, I can feel the embers starting to release some built-up heat.


How do you re-ignite your motivational fire?

9 thoughts on “We Ignite the Fire

  1. I love your red hot manicure! Man I miss me some hibachi.

  2. francenekatzen@yahoo.com says:

    Love and agree with the post!

  3. my friends and i really want to hit up a hibachi grill. I have never gone but it just seems like a blast and a great way to start our night out.

  4. ranchcookie says:

    That ice cream looks so yummy! Full of caramel? haha just day dreaming over here.

  5. That ice cream alone would get my excited 😉 haha but really ,hmm motivation is a hard thing! I Think it depends on what I need motivation FOR. If it’s something like working out or healthy eating, I turn to a lot of blogs. If it’s more job/life related, then I love watching TED talks! Those always get me motivated!

  6. Those sweeeeeets! Ah I want those cinnamon rolls!

  7. Awesome post 🙂 A little gratitude can go a long way!!

  8. Whoa talk about a great weekend! Those cinnamon rolls need to get in my belly ASAP. And now I want hibachi….

  9. Nicole says:

    I’ve actually never made homemade jewelry, but I want to SO badly that I’ve put it on my bucket list. LOL! 🙂 Also, I am in love with those red nails of yours… AND those cinnamon rolls look AMAZING!

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