Brutal Bikram Yoga

Things got pretty heated last night. I’m talking sweat on sweat. Slippery salty surrendered sweat.

I signed up for another Bikram yoga class with a few girlfriends last night and after giving this style several tries, I’m honestly not a fan. Besides the heat, I don’t like the longer pose holds and repetition. Also the teacher tends to sound like a car sales man. Hold the pose and breathe, deeper, breathe deeper, harder, go longer, stronger…

Hoy vey. While I may have failed to reap the benefits of the class, I was not short on emotions!

Hot yoga? Sure, I love summer weather.

summer time

Wait it’s 90-something degrees in that room?

that hot?

I’m a yogi, I can do anything.


Arriving at class, this heat isn’t so bad laying down in savasana.

beginning of class

Class starts and it’s time to get moving. I’m starting to feel a little discomfort.

mild discomfort

I’m not sure I was supposed to bend that far.

bending too far



My foot is too slippery to grab. I’m sweltering.


How do people take this class regularly? I’m so bored.


I had no idea it was possible to sweat THIS much. Where’s my zen??


Okay finally done. I’m one hellUVA hoo survivor.


Hoy vey. I think I’m too hot for Bikram yoga. 😉

bikram yoga hell

So spill, do you love or hate brutal Bikram yoga?

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9 thoughts on “Brutal Bikram Yoga

  1. NANCY VETTER says:

    The upside is that the workout will burn off a marked down pizza from Kroger’s!

  2. bikram is BRUTAL. I got a 10 day pass when I first moved to dc and happened to go to this super intense studio. wow did it kick my butt more than any other run had. I thought i was dying after 90 minutes

  3. rosiemoreton says:

    Haha I love bikram but the first few times I thought is was suffocating from the heat. I only stayed in the room because I’m so stubborn. I take my friends and they’re like “why are you doing this to me??!!”

  4. jumpeatrun says:

    Love Hot Vinyasa, but have never really done bikram…I should give it a try!

  5. So it was my understanding that bikram was at 110 degrees and you do 26 poses for like an hour and a half. I’ve never done bikram, but I LOOOOOOVE hot vinyasa. It’s vinyasa in a 95-105 room. Every once in a while it’s so hot I feel like I may pass out, but is it weird that I kind of like that? It makes me feel like I’m completely empty inside while being completely refreshed at the same time. You still hold poses for a while but there is a lot of chaturanga-ing and changing it up. Maybe you would like it more with a less salesman-like teacher? Or maybe you’d like hot vinyasa better? Anywho – happy Thursday, Alex!

  6. bezzymates says:

    Lol. You gave me a good laugh today. I’ll have to give hot yoga a try now.

  7. lolool! This is so great. Next time you’re in Richmond maybe try a hot vinyasa class at Hot House. It’s so much different than bikram.

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