A Bridal Celebration

Welcome to marvelous Monday where even gloomy days aren’t so terrible because you can chose mind over matter.


Marvelous is a family road trip to Charlotte, North Carolina for a quaint bridal luncheon.

family road trippin

The bride to be, Laura Grace greeted her guests in a cute colorful frock.


The event was held at Another Broken Egg where a light yet scrumptious array of edibles awaited us.

another broken egg party

The chicken salad cups were a favorite, lightly tossed with mayo with an added crunch from the baked phyllo dough.

chicken salad cups

My favorite dish was the sweetest of course, the beignets. Straight from New Orleans, beignets are like a firmer donut enveloped in powdered sugar and warm on the inside. The powdered sugar caked my teeth with decadence and the jelly on the side was a refreshing pairing. I somehow forgot to grab a picture so the fruit will just have to do.

fruit tray

Oh and these little babies…

chocolate covered strawberries

Clearly I left the banquet still hungry. 😉

zen kat mom

After lunch, Laura Grace opened her gifts which were all ornaments she’ll use for her first Christmas tree with her soon-to-be hubby.

LG gifts

For my engaged friends out there, I thought the gift theme was a cute idea.

LG Gifts 2


Thanks to the friendly staff at Another Broken Egg for putting together a nice event.

Another Broken Egg Staff

Since we were out of town guests, we headed over to the lady of the day’s home for an exciting evening, but not before dropping by our hotel, where we were each greeted with adorable gift bags filled with treats and town memorabilia.

Belmont Gift bags

If you’re a fan of small towns, Belmont, North Carolina is one to see. It’s right outside Charlotte with a welcoming environment and a lovely downtown storefront sandwiched between scenic views.

Belmont North Carolina

Our dinner hosts were quite charming and provided us with entertainment and a meal fit for the queen.

Belmont Dinner

What a warm-welcoming fun-filled day! Thank you Laura Grace and family for having us!

Have you been to a bridal luncheon?

Have a cheery day!

12 thoughts on “A Bridal Celebration

  1. bezzymates says:

    What a wonderful trip. Congrats to the bride.

  2. mmm beignets! So…marvelous!!

  3. so so cute. love your shoes btw

  4. I love the video of your mom dancing. That is so hilarious 🙂 It looks like you have a wonderful relationship with her! Also, what a fun trip! I love bridal showers!

  5. Fun trip! I haven’t been to a Bridal Luncheon for a few years (I’m getting old & most of my friends are now married).

  6. That video of your mom! SO cute 🙂 I have a bridal brunch coming up next month. It will be the first time I go to one that is a friend and not family…think that means I’m old haha!

  7. Looks like it was a great time!

  8. Cindy says:

    I love the ornament gift idea for a bridal shower. They are going to love that come Christmas!

  9. P says:

    Nothing beats quality time with family and friends…and good food :)!

  10. I need to use MIND OVER MATTER RIGHT NOW!! OMG – or maybe matter over mind? UH OH – I don’t think since I don’t know what to do, is a good sign 😉 **Ugh Day**

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