Two Fun Evenings

Another snow day in Virginia! Whatever the weather, we can certainly agree that focusing on the positives is the way to forecast a good day on the first day of the week.

Did somebody say sledding?

If we put our energy into dreading a cold Monday, then surely it will be miserably icy. Let’s switch it up and focus on all the bright weekend for Marvelous Monday.

Marvelous is a 20-something birthday party for my roommate, Caroline.

carolines bday

She threw a fabulous party with quirky decorations, featured-themed snacks and of course, some bumping music to pose for pictures on pictures.

birthday party

UVA won acc

See that UVA jersey? UVA basketball won the ACC championship this weekend! Nothing like a little alma mater rivalry, right Andrea? 🙂

Go Hoos

Go Hoos!

party friends

Let the libations roll.


Time for a toast.

time to cheers


cheers to the birthday girl

friends at the party

pretty friends


girls and guys

A cheery bunch of group photo shoots ensue.

group shot


Don’t forget the entertaining party favors.


It was a mix of an awesome night after a long day of work on Saturday!

Marvelous is the kickoff benefit dinner for the 2014 C’ville Central Road TripCheck out our Indiegogo Campaign. Aside from traveling and social media consulting, I’ve been working with Toan Nguyen on a 2-month road trip we’re going on this summer! Here’s a photo from the event last night with plenty more to come.

Two exciting evenings to be grateful for today!

choose to see the color

How was your weekend? Is it snowing where you are?

8 thoughts on “Two Fun Evenings

  1. ranchcookie says:

    My weekend was relaxing and fun! Great way to end my spring break! I live in Ohio and we were supposed to really get hit by the storm but luckily we just got about an inch 🙂 Couldn’t be happier to be honest!

  2. these look awesome. nothing like hanging with friends

  3. Not snowing here but we have ice. They cancelled schools and I had a delay at work. Which was nice to be able to sleep in. Stay warm!

  4. bezzymates says:

    Looks like a fun party. Kudos to you for having fun regardless of weather.

  5. What a fun weekend w/ good friends! No snow here – more like 80+ degree temperatures 🙂

  6. My weekend was full of plenty of little moments worth appreciating 🙂 nothing big, but fun little moments with people I love. Your pictures are great it looks like a fun time with friends !

  7. […] snow day was much appreciated on Monday as I persistently chased that well-known childhood […]

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