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Late Monday Marvelous

They say gratitude is a major key to happiness, so on the first day of the week, I like to start out with the positives and link up with Marvelous Monday.

Marvelous is lunch at Cafe Espresso with my mom last week.

cafe espresso lunch

Marvelous is an art panel at the Hirshhorn Museum on Friday night.

hirshhorn museum art pannel

Marvelous is house sitting with some kooky pets this weekend!

house sitting

Marvelous is Saturday afternoon birthday parties.

saturday birthday party

Marvelous is Saturday night bashes.

saturday night bash

Marvelous is a healthy breakfast followed by a not so healthy visit to the candy store, but at least ice skating happened in between!

breakfast, activity, candy

Constantly striving for moderation, right? 🙂

How’s your week going so far?

Have a good one!


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Patiently at Home

I really love snow days, especially when I’m home visiting my parents.

snowy morning

snowy day

snowy night

dining room

There’s nothing like sleeping in your childhood bed, eating mom’s cooking and getting love from the parents. And sweet indulgences aren’t bad either. 😉

chocolate cake

Luckily I can use my gym membership at the Short Pump ACAC while in town. Just look at the yoga studio here.

ACAC yoga studio

Speaking of yoga, I haveto share this awesome post I saw on Instagram:

photo 5 (1)

Patience is certainly a tough virtue to possess.

be merry for your run

Take that concept and apply it to every workout and movement.

Are you finding yourself struggling with being patient? Ready for the summer?

I know I am! Happy Wednesday friends!

photo 3 (1)

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A Flexible Workout

I’ve been on the go traveling, and with that comes a lot of eating out.

sweet french toast

breakfast at pauls

No complaints here. 🙂

croissant chocoalte

paul bakery

Unfortunately though, restaurants often have bigger portions, that contain higher levels of sodium and fat. All that delicious flavor comes with a price.


lobster roll

To fight off the extra calories, I try to always squeeze in a workout, even on a busy day.

run with your dog

I strive for flexibility- you can do this workout anywhere to become more agile.

the flexible workout

Click here to look up any of the moves listed in the workout. These are my favorite yoga moves.

If you’ve got 10 minutes, get this workout done!

If you’re having trouble motivating yourself to get moving, here are 5 tips from Glamour magazine:

  1. Tell yourself, “I only have to work out for 7 minutes.”
  2. Listen to your exercise playlist before exercising.
  3. Work out with someone who is 40% more fit than you are.
  4. Schedule it into your calendar.
  5. Stop debating the damn workout and just go.

Have a great evening!


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Another Marvelous Monday

How about another Marvelous Monday of 2014?

Marvelous is girls’ night out on Friday evening.

cville night out

girls night

Marvelous is coffee shop hang outs with splendid company.

coffee shop hangs

Marvelous is The Melting Pot on Saturday night! Oh my yum.

the melting pot

Marvelous is a yogurt parfait for Sunday brunch.

yogurt parfait

Marvelous is going to the Newseum on Sunday.

the newseum

Marvelous is biking around DC through Bike Share.

bikeshare dc

Marvelous is Daikaya. If you’re in the DC area, you’ve got to check out this delicious ramen house.


What’s making your Monday marvelous today?


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