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Vineyard Times: The Good Life

It’s Marvelous Monday and I’m trying to refrain from crawling back into bed to doze off and make up for the hour we lost. Oh well, I’ll take this day light savings thing because more daylight is a plus.

Marvelous is a day spent with a shining group of gals nestled away in the stunning Blue Ridge mountains at a family-run vineyard.

veritas winery

On Saturday afternoon, we spent the day at Veritas Vineyard & Winery. The name is derived from the Roman historian Pliny The Elder’s observation, “In vino veritas,” meaning, “in wine there is truth,” and that truth comes from the grapes grown at Veritas.

wine from veritas

The vineyard is carefully tucked away in the idyllic mountains of Charlottesville where a long road weaves through the fields of grapes, ending at a large and inviting tasting room filled with a musty, sweet and complex cork-scented aroma.

Upon arrival, the tasting room staff greeted us as we took in the elegant chandeliers, glossy wooden tables, tall stunning red ceilings, long velvet curtains, ample cushy seating, and the stone fireplace.

veritas vineyard winery

We ordered a few bottles of wine to share, selecting the “White Star,” a blend of Viognier, Traminette, Chardonnay, and Petite Manseng, with layers of peach, apricot, mango, pineapple, tangerine and coconut. It’s described as a complex but palate friendly style of wine, recommend in its youth to truly reap the tropical flavors and satisfy the taste buds.

veritas vineyards

veritas wine

charlottesville vineyards

The spirits and tannins were surely flowing.

wines at veritas

Craving something to accompany the fruity wine in our bellies, we decided to order a tasty cheese plate. The plate came with 3 gourmet cheeses, homemade apple chutney and a warm baguette.

veritas vineyards cheese tray

cheese tray with wine

After noshing, we felt it only right to make our way to the cozy wooden deck to take in the luscious views, especially after weeks of chilly temps. The deliciously warm sun was the icing to our already decorated cake.

veritas vineyards group

Floral cheers, warm weather
Inner bliss, nothing better

roommate wine tastingDress: Nordstrom, Jacket: Free People; Earrings: Stella & Dot

A rejuvenating day at the vineyard with great company was the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Veritas Charlottesville va

What’s your favorite outdoor activity to do on a warm Saturday afternoon?

natural world beauty

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Staying Healthy through the Holidays

Good afternoon and welcome to Marvelous Monday hosted by the fabulous Katie!

Marvelous is the season to be jolly.

Charlottesville Christmas

Christmas parties on Christmas parties.

Charlottesville holidays

The holiday season is full of parties. With all the celebrations, it can be easy to slide off the healthy horse, so I amp up my cardio and enjoy the festivities.


Do you work out more during the holidays?

be cheerful it's contagious

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First day of the Week

Welcome to Marvelous Monday, hosted by the lovely Katie. Let’s take Monday by the horns and jump in, shall we?

Marvelous is an easy and healthy meal thanks to Annie’s.

Healthy mac

Just add broccoli

Marvelous is The XX concert on Friday.

The XX Concert

Marvelous is a lovely Saturday morning brunch.

CavDiner Brunch

Marvelous is always living it up at UVA tailgates. (tailgate > football game, am I right?) 😉


Marvelous is a chance to visit with friends, anytime, any day.


Marvelous is attending Sunday’s polo match at King Family Vineyards.

King Family Polo

And sandwiches from Take it Away. Yum

Take it Away Sandwich

Why does food always taste so good outside?

Have a wonderful first day of the week and enjoy the video!

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Marvelous Family

Another great weekend has come and retreated. Today, my family visit on Saturday is making my Monday Marvelous!


I had the pleasure of accompanying the gang all around Charlottesville. We started with lunch, of course.

photo 4 (5)


After a walk around the UVa grounds, we went to Veritas Vineyards for an afternoon of wine tasting.

photo 5 (5)



In between sips and nibbles, we snapped several photos.




with alexis

Chatting, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company amid the quaint mountainside until the vineyard closed.

photo 5 (6)

After a day of spirits, we made time for a relaxing dinner at Boylan Heights, one of my favorite restaurants.


I had an amazing day and felt so fortunate to have my near and dear in town.


my lovely parents

Wherever you are today, take a minute to tell your family how much you love them. I feel extremely fortunate to have such a strong, supportive family who will do anything in the world for me. I love nothing more than laughing and making jokes with them. We’re a knee-slapping bunch, to say the least. 😀

Have a marvelous Monday!



What is your favorite thing to do with your family?

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