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Don’t Ever Stop

In honor of What I Ate Wednesday, here are some shots of what I’ve been lucky enough to nibble on inhale.

salad with chicken

healthy half salad

Layered salads delicately decorated in feta, avocado, roma tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, grilled chicken, flakey salmon, crunchy pita chips, and tossed in a silky vinaigrette.

salmon rice mediterranean dish

And the best of dippers.

Belly Dancer Salad

Chic falafel.

Compliments of the talented chefs at Basil, I dove into the salad above for dinner tonight. It’s coined the Belly Dancer. Perhaps it’s a salad fit for dancers. The artfully tossed dish certainly left me in the mood to dance.

falling in love

I bet you never thought healthy food could look so desirable.

grape leaves

Maybe I spoke too soon. Don’t judge a leave by it’s cover. These guys taste like buttery hunks of spiced rice.


You can learn a lot from shooting pictures of food, like the more you’re around it, the more you want it. And it’s always sinful to skip dessert.

tiramisu dessert

vineyard vines and cake

Sweater: Vineyard Vines

There were bites of tiramisu yesterday and baklava today. You know my sweet tooth can’t be tamed.

Layers of crispy fillo dough and sweetened pistachios. Irresistible.

baklava ym

A dessert a day keeps the doctor away.

snapchat piggy

I have one hell of a sweet tooth, but I’ll take that over a lot of other things.

sweets over drinks

Thank goodness for that gym flo and constantly challenging myself.

I’m embracing the handstand journey just as I’ll continue trying to make grape leaves look mouth watering in photos. Persistence is the name of my game.


What are you working on in your fitness routine? Handstands anybody? 🙂

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Workout Classes

Since I started working for myself, I’m fortunate to have a lot more time on my hands. More time means more fun in the gym. I know that sounds ridiculous, but workout classes can be exciting.


Can you spot me? I’m wearing  a light purple top. 🙂

Body Step was a high intensity dance party. They even had door prices and snacks (well, more like a bowl of granola bars, but whatever works).

fiber one bar

We worked all the major muscle groups through a blend of cardio moves. The sweat was flyin’!

Later this afternoon, I hit up a Gentle Hatha Yoga class, which was incredible.

photo (1)

Loving my iPhone wallpaper. Let the zen in.

What workout classes (or workouts) are you currently loving?

Have a lovely weekend!



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A Cold Marvelous Monday

Happy Marvelous Monday! I spent the weekend at the Yogaville ashram. Tomorrow I’ll post a recap of my trip- it was fabulous!

The Lotus YogaVille

Marvelous is a weekend full of yoga, and continuing it this week.

do the down dog

Marvelous is an Amy’s frozen meal. This light and lean meal is a little scarce on food though. 😉

Amy's Light N Lean

Marvelous is a bag of beauty products!

Beauty Products

I went to Target today and got a bunch of body butters and lip balms for 75% off as an after Christmas sale. Cha ching!

Stay warm everybody! It’s supposed to get below 0 here. If you get snow, go play. 🙂

cold weather snowman

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?


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Inhale calm, Exhale stress

I just got back from my second yoga class of the day. Some days just call for extra exercise.

inhale calm exhale stress

Whether you’re struggling with holiday stress, winter time blues, unhealthy habits, or confusion, take a minute to calm yourself. Prayer and meditation work wonders.

And into a bowl of chocolate oatmeal ;)

And so does a bowl of chocolate oatmeal 😉

My mantra lately is “slow down.” With a career based around the the Internet and social media, it can be hard to take time away from technology and relax. Balance is key.

Mint tea is my best friend next to my laptop

Mint tea is my best friend, next to my laptop

I’ve been working to enjoy more of little things in life like reading, attending workout classes and hanging with loved ones, and just working to get out of my over-active mind.

forget yourself

Question for the evening: How do you find calmness in your life?

Have a relaxing weekend and don’t forget to enter my chocolate giveaway!

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