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Don’t Ever Stop

In honor of What I Ate Wednesday, here are some shots of what I’ve been lucky enough to nibble on inhale.

salad with chicken

healthy half salad

Layered salads delicately decorated in feta, avocado, roma tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, grilled chicken, flakey salmon, crunchy pita chips, and tossed in a silky vinaigrette.

salmon rice mediterranean dish

And the best of dippers.

Belly Dancer Salad

Chic falafel.

Compliments of the talented chefs at Basil, I dove into the salad above for dinner tonight. It’s coined the Belly Dancer. Perhaps it’s a salad fit for dancers. The artfully tossed dish certainly left me in the mood to dance.

falling in love

I bet you never thought healthy food could look so desirable.

grape leaves

Maybe I spoke too soon. Don’t judge a leave by it’s cover. These guys taste like buttery hunks of spiced rice.


You can learn a lot from shooting pictures of food, like the more you’re around it, the more you want it. And it’s always sinful to skip dessert.

tiramisu dessert

vineyard vines and cake

Sweater: Vineyard Vines

There were bites of tiramisu yesterday and baklava today. You know my sweet tooth can’t be tamed.

Layers of crispy fillo dough and sweetened pistachios. Irresistible.

baklava ym

A dessert a day keeps the doctor away.

snapchat piggy

I have one hell of a sweet tooth, but I’ll take that over a lot of other things.

sweets over drinks

Thank goodness for that gym flo and constantly challenging myself.

I’m embracing the handstand journey just as I’ll continue trying to make grape leaves look mouth watering in photos. Persistence is the name of my game.


What are you working on in your fitness routine? Handstands anybody? 🙂

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Persistently Consistent

Stick it, come on you can do this, pull tight.

handstand practice

I was practicing handstands before yoga class today when I noticed how easy it is to jump to the next goal. I spent weeks mastering my headstand, only to quickly jump to my new goal of solidifying my handstand.

ACAC yoga

It’s important to think about how far we’ve come, not how far we still have to go.

handstands on handstands

Who knew persistence could be a pain?

As a kid, I remember being persistent in my quest to have fun. That little kid is still very much alive and a part of who I am today.

happy in the snow

Persistent enough to force that giant sled down the little icy hills of Charlottesville.

snow time fun

A snow day was much appreciated on Monday as I persistently chased that well-known childhood high.

snowtime cheer

After an adventurous snow day of sledding, plowing through trails and attempting to throw snowballs, it was time to shed some layers and hop back on the work wagon come Tuesday.

back to work from snow day

First, I had tasks for my summer road trip after our big benefit on Sunday evening.

Dress: Nordstrom, Shoes: H&M

Dress: Nordstrom, Shoes: H&M

(Click here for more pictures from the benefit.)

Hours of work were tucked away and then it was off to the gym for yoga and cardio, but not before I snapped several shots of some savory creations.

taking food pictures


basil caprese salad


Basil Greek Nachos


Shrimp salad at Basil


berries dessert in cville

Wait, what was I describing? 😉

Have a great evening!

What goal do you find yourself being overly persistent about?

persistent and consistent

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Today is Marvelous

What makes any day Marvelous? To me, it’s about the mindset. If I say Monday will be marvelous, then surely it will. Let’s jump in!

Marvelous is the most amazing salad I had for dinner last night.

Marvelous is a delicious yogurt parfait for Sunday brunch.

yogurt parfait

Marvelous is a Saturday night Salvadoran feast.

salvadoran food

Marvelous is a night of jazz – the music not the apple 😉

a jazzy good time

With all the food talk, here’s a little fitness motivation:


How’s your Monday shaping up?

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Another Cleanse Recap

Following yesterday’s cleanse, I lasted just shy of 24 hours before deciding to eat a salad.

sweet greens

Perfect, right? I liked reading everyone’s comments yesterday because I agree that cleanses are not for everyone. As my friend said, “we were made with teeth for a reason.” I did what Lady Gaga advises- show me ya teeth.


The cleanse was a success in that it got me back on track to eat right and appreciate healthy foods. Going hungry will make anyone salivate over the healthiest of foods.

Starbucks has a surprisingly good fruit cup

Like Starbucks’ surprisingly good fruit cup

When it comes to cleanses, I say to each his own. My own is a balance of healthy eating with the occasional indulgence.

ice cream and salad

A lotta’ healthy, a lil’ dessert

If you find yourself struggling with overeating, locate your motivation. Like any problem, diagnosis it, understand it, and figure out how to fix it. For me, I look at unhealthy foods and tell myself, “Ew, I don’t want that crap!” Say it enough, and you’ll start to believe it!

Mind over matter

Have you experienced problems with over eating?

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