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Monday is for Martin

Happy MLK day. Hopefully you get the day off or a low-key day. 🙂

MLK quote

Let’s jump into Marvelous Monday.

Marvelous is a chocolate fortune and a healthy dinner on Friday night. That orange was on point.

friday chocolate and dinner

Marvelous is Mexican food and girls night on Saturday evening.

guadalajara dinner

girls night

Marvelous is yep, Sunday brunch. 🙂

Marvelous is this brownie mix I made for Sunday night’s potluck dinner at C’ville Coffee. They were quite delicious!

ooey gooey chocolate brownie mix

Marvelous is a great workout this morning with positive reading material.

train your brain

Question: Do you like reading during cardio?


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A Flexible Workout

I’ve been on the go traveling, and with that comes a lot of eating out.

sweet french toast

breakfast at pauls

No complaints here. 🙂

croissant chocoalte

paul bakery

Unfortunately though, restaurants often have bigger portions, that contain higher levels of sodium and fat. All that delicious flavor comes with a price.


lobster roll

To fight off the extra calories, I try to always squeeze in a workout, even on a busy day.

run with your dog

I strive for flexibility- you can do this workout anywhere to become more agile.

the flexible workout

Click here to look up any of the moves listed in the workout. These are my favorite yoga moves.

If you’ve got 10 minutes, get this workout done!

If you’re having trouble motivating yourself to get moving, here are 5 tips from Glamour magazine:

  1. Tell yourself, “I only have to work out for 7 minutes.”
  2. Listen to your exercise playlist before exercising.
  3. Work out with someone who is 40% more fit than you are.
  4. Schedule it into your calendar.
  5. Stop debating the damn workout and just go.

Have a great evening!


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Today is Marvelous

What makes any day Marvelous? To me, it’s about the mindset. If I say Monday will be marvelous, then surely it will. Let’s jump in!

Marvelous is the most amazing salad I had for dinner last night.

Marvelous is a delicious yogurt parfait for Sunday brunch.

yogurt parfait

Marvelous is a Saturday night Salvadoran feast.

salvadoran food

Marvelous is a night of jazz – the music not the apple 😉

a jazzy good time

With all the food talk, here’s a little fitness motivation:


How’s your Monday shaping up?

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Marvelously Flavored Foods

Hope everyone had a fun weekend. Happy Marvelous Monday and here’s hoping for less rain this week.

Marvelous is fall flavors, specifically pumpkin spice lattes.

pumpkin spiced late

USA Today says pumpkin is all the rage. I think it originated in the blog world!

Marvelous is arugula salads.

arugula salad

Marvelous is making up for an average dinner with a phenomenal dessert.

dinner and dessert

Marvelous is wearing a loose top to hide a full belly getting Ritzy with fashion. 😉

photo 3 (6)

Marvelous is French food. Bon apetite!

photo 4 (6)

When is food not Marvelous?

Have a great day and…


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