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Eats, Sweets and Monday Beats

Marvelous is in the eye of the beholder. When the weekend comes to an end and the reality of the week sets in, it’s sometimes dreadful. Without the week though, the weekend wouldn’t be so enjoyable. It’s the mediocre times that make us appreciate the best parts of life. Welcome to Marvelous Monday.

Marvelous is dinner Friday night at Black Salt.

blacksalt restaurant

The fried isowipes clams were crisped to perfection, lightly golden and explosively buttery served with a lightly curried madras aioli with a taste of the clean Massachusetts sea shore.

isowites clams

The blue mussels were perfectly steeped in a spicy array of seasonings with smoked greens, chilies and squash.

blacksalt blue mussels

I ordered boulibase for my main entre, which was off the menu and had head-on prawn, sea scallops, mussels, oysters, and fingerling potatoes in a Mediterranean broth with a toasted baguette and a classically diverse rouie with an accent of chili powder.

boulibase at blacksalt

While the meal left me completely satiated, I still manage a little huge pocket for sweets. Susan Wallace, the pastry chef outdid herself with a special selection of samplings of the most delicious combinations of pies, cakes and mousses that were undeniable.

blacksalt desserts

I loved the edible architecture of each dessert. The butterscotch Pot de Creme was melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

susanwallace desserts

After the meal, we got the complete tour de BlackSalt Kitchen, which had a window for guests to observe.

the blacksalt kitchen

Susan even gifted us with a goody bag of treats to take home for later, full of raspberry bars and chocolate peanut brittle that was Susan’s very own family recipe. I met two of the cooks, Taylor and Armando who helped me snap a shot of the goodies.

blacksalt desserts

What a treat! The seafood was pristinely fresh, the desserts were artistically mouth watering and the service was impeccable. Thanks Susan and the BlackSalt team!


Marvelous is mastering new tricks in aerial yoga class. Hanging in a hammock is surprisingly great for digestion. Who knew?

Marvelous is Sweet Greens after a hard workout. I ordered the February salad of warm grains, arugula + shredded kale with portobello mushrooms, basil, beets, and parmesan topped with a pesto vinaigrette accompanied with a warm lentil soup.

sweet greens february

Marvelous is an 80s dance party on Saturday night. What a feeling….

80s dance party

Marvelous is sushi & sashimi Sunday. That should be a thing if it isn’t already.

raku sushi sashimi

How was your weekend?


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