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Balance it Out a Bit

It’s almost time for the weekend, and I’m lucky to be home again visiting my parents. I got in yesterday afternoon in time to meet my mom for a bite at our favorite local grocery store in the west end.

good foods grocery

Look who I caught sneaking a sample.

good foods grocery samples

You know she wasn’t the only one. I always enjoy perusing and sampling the aisles of health food stores.

I tried to talk her into an exotic tofu wrap, but she wasn’t having it, so we sat down to feast on a curry chicken salad wrap.

good foods grocery

After a fun evening last night, I hit the gym this morning for Body Flow (a combination of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates) and Ultimate Fitness (an ACAC class taught by Vicki that kicks your butt).

I be up in the gym just workin’ on my fitness, you’re my witness.

Would you believe this cool shot was me falling out of a headstand?

yoga headstand

I like combining hard physical workouts with challenging mental workouts. Body Flow allowed me time today to check in, pause and practice mindfulness.

THE zen kat

Even though I love an intense sweaty workout, I always try to leave time for meditation, savasana and being a child, or sitting like one anyway.

childs pose

When my mind races in a flexibility class, I attempt to reach for more rigorous poses, like crow.

crow pose

It’s important to always balance out our exercise routines.

After a re-energizing workout, I met my mom for lunch at Caffe Espresso.

cafe espresso lunch

We didn’t have any fun. 😉

My mother is a fan of consistency, so we went with our favorite Genovese panini, a freshly baked focaccia filled with oven roasted turkey, pesto and provolone, served with a side of sea salt chips.

genovese sandwichSlather pesto on a sandwich and I’m sold.
cafe espresso sandwiches
cafe espresso food Panini: the perfect post-workout meal to get teeeny.
cafe espresso panini

…in moderation of course.

Have a great weekend!

What exercises do you do to break up your regular fitness routine?

yoga is the journey

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Persistently Consistent

Stick it, come on you can do this, pull tight.

handstand practice

I was practicing handstands before yoga class today when I noticed how easy it is to jump to the next goal. I spent weeks mastering my headstand, only to quickly jump to my new goal of solidifying my handstand.

ACAC yoga

It’s important to think about how far we’ve come, not how far we still have to go.

handstands on handstands

Who knew persistence could be a pain?

As a kid, I remember being persistent in my quest to have fun. That little kid is still very much alive and a part of who I am today.

happy in the snow

Persistent enough to force that giant sled down the little icy hills of Charlottesville.

snow time fun

A snow day was much appreciated on Monday as I persistently chased that well-known childhood high.

snowtime cheer

After an adventurous snow day of sledding, plowing through trails and attempting to throw snowballs, it was time to shed some layers and hop back on the work wagon come Tuesday.

back to work from snow day

First, I had tasks for my summer road trip after our big benefit on Sunday evening.

Dress: Nordstrom, Shoes: H&M

Dress: Nordstrom, Shoes: H&M

(Click here for more pictures from the benefit.)

Hours of work were tucked away and then it was off to the gym for yoga and cardio, but not before I snapped several shots of some savory creations.

taking food pictures


basil caprese salad


Basil Greek Nachos


Shrimp salad at Basil


berries dessert in cville

Wait, what was I describing? 😉

Have a great evening!

What goal do you find yourself being overly persistent about?

persistent and consistent

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Brutal Bikram Yoga

Things got pretty heated last night. I’m talking sweat on sweat. Slippery salty surrendered sweat.

I signed up for another Bikram yoga class with a few girlfriends last night and after giving this style several tries, I’m honestly not a fan. Besides the heat, I don’t like the longer pose holds and repetition. Also the teacher tends to sound like a car sales man. Hold the pose and breathe, deeper, breathe deeper, harder, go longer, stronger…

Hoy vey. While I may have failed to reap the benefits of the class, I was not short on emotions!

Hot yoga? Sure, I love summer weather.

summer time

Wait it’s 90-something degrees in that room?

that hot?

I’m a yogi, I can do anything.


Arriving at class, this heat isn’t so bad laying down in savasana.

beginning of class

Class starts and it’s time to get moving. I’m starting to feel a little discomfort.

mild discomfort

I’m not sure I was supposed to bend that far.

bending too far



My foot is too slippery to grab. I’m sweltering.


How do people take this class regularly? I’m so bored.


I had no idea it was possible to sweat THIS much. Where’s my zen??


Okay finally done. I’m one hellUVA hoo survivor.


Hoy vey. I think I’m too hot for Bikram yoga. 😉

bikram yoga hell

So spill, do you love or hate brutal Bikram yoga?

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A Cold Valentine’s Day

Happy day of sweets, candy and the loveliest of companionship!

Krispy Kreme Valentines

How cute are the xo doughnuts? I had the heart-shaped cream-filled doughnut. It was like an explosion of sweet summer time with candy-coated memories. Talk about a sugar rush. My mouth was full of sunbeams.

heart shaped donut

I’m currently on a sugar high, but my energy is irritably low. It might have something to do with my day of trudging through the snow and shoveling yesterday. The snow sure is fun to play in though.

zen kat in the snow

If you follow me on Facebook, yesterday I posted about shoveling for compensation. That’s a workout that pays off.

Whenever I’m exposed to different temperatures, my sinuses put up a fight and a cold ensues. Today is no exception, but I’m holding close to my tissue box.

I did a few yoga moves to help peel away my congestion.

yoga for congestionDown dog and a few cat/cow poses restore the body, especially first thing in the morning.

I sipped on a hearty healthy stew last night for dinner once I retired indoors to an inviting couch and blanket.

hearty stew

The stew was made up of pot roast, bacon, loads of veggies, ginger and more cleansing herbs.

veggies for stew

rosemary herb

Oh the comfort of a toasty filling stew after a chilly day.

snow prints

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Got a hot date in the mix?

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